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Shield screenshot

A champion with a shield that blocks any type of damage.

Shields are not to be confused with similar effects like Spell Shield Spell shield and visual shielding effects like Eclipse Eclipse.

Hybrid resistances icon Shields are an addition of hit-points that absorb damage in place of actual Health icon health. This distinction separates the amount from calculation by health based effects. They may persist on the recipient to absorb a set amount of damage (shield strength) and/or until the duration runs out (shield duration).

When shielded from multiple sources, damage taken is mitigated by the shield that will expire the soonest, with the exceptions of Adaptive Defenses Adaptive Defenses and Black Shield Black Shield, which take priority over all other shields.

The unit's resistances (Armor icon armor and Magic resistance icon magic resistance) will still mitigate the damage before being absorbed by shielding. The shield's strength can be increased by Heal and shield power icon heal and shield power.

Shield types[]

An active shield is indicated on the champion's overhead health bar in a distinct color.

  • Normal shields: They absorb all types of damage (physical, magic and true), and appear greyish-white.
  • Magic shields: They only absorb magic damage, and appear purple.
  • Physical shields: They only absorb physical damage, and appear orange.

Shield as scaling[]

Normal shields[]

Ally and/or User-targeted[]

Ally only[]

User only[]

Magic shields[]

Magic Shield screenshot

A champion with a shield that blocks magic damage.

Ally and/or User-targeted[]

Ally only[]

User only[]

Physical shields[]

Physical Shield screenshot

A champion with a shield that blocks physical damage.

User only[]

Increasing shield strength[]

On-shield effects[]

The following will trigger an effect upon shielding or being shielded by an ally:

Negatively impacting shields[]

Shield reduction[]

Shield destruction[]

Some effects fully destroy any shields before applying their damage:


Type Heal and shield power icon Heal and Shield Power Spirit Visage Spirit Visage Revitalize Revitalize* Grievous Wounds icon Grievous Wounds Serpent's Fang Serpent's Fang
Health regeneration icon Health regeneration No Yes No Yes No
Life steal icon Life steal No Yes Yes Yes No
Omnivamp icon Omnivamp No Yes Yes Yes No
Life steal icon Physical vamp No Yes Yes Yes No
Spell vamp icon Spell vamp No Yes Yes Yes No
Ravenous Hunter rune Drain effects Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Self heals Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Self shields Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Incoming heals No Yes Yes Yes No
Incoming shields No Yes Yes No Yes
Outgoing heals Yes No Yes No No
Outgoing shields Yes No Yes No No
Health icon Bonus health No No No No No