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Shard icon.png

Shards are one of the currencies used to unlock Legends of Runeterra icon.png Legends of Runeterra content, specifically Cards, and Expedition tokens Expedition Tokens Expedition tokens.


  • Shards Shard Shards are used to:
    • Purchase Cards
      • LoR Common icon.png Common - 100 Shard 100;
      • LoR Rare icon.png Rare - 300 Shard 300;
      • LoR Epic icon.png Epic - 1200 Shard 1200;
      • LoR Champion icon.png Champion - 3000 Shard 3000.
    • Purchase Expedition tokens Expedition Tokens Expedition tokens - 2000 Shard 2000[1]

Getting shards

There are several ways of getting shards:

  • Various amounts of shards are contained in Chests.
  • Shards are rewarded for completing Expeditions.
  • An Extra Copy of a Card from a Chest, a Capsule, a Bundle or as a quest reward when a player already has a maximum amount of that Card in their Collection converts to a portion of its shard cost:[2]
    • LoR Common icon.png Common - 15 Shard 15, or 15% of the card's cost;
    • LoR Rare icon.png Rare - 60 Shard 60, or 20% of the card's cost;
    • LoR Epic icon.png Epic - 250 Shard 250, or 20.8% of the card's cost;
    • LoR Champion icon.png Champion - 750 Shard 750, or 25% of the card's cost;


  1. As of Patch 0.9.3. Prior to this patch Expedition Tokens cost 3000 Shard 3000
  2. Official Support Article on Duplicate Protection