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Shan Hai Scrolls is a series of alternate future/universe skins in League of Legends. Set in a world where champions are mythological creatures within the mysterious Shan Hai Scrolls.


  • Shan Hai Scrolls Jhin Shan Hai Scrolls Jhin
    A mad god who resides within a mysterious painting older than creation, Jhin has grown bored of the canvas in which he dwells and wishes to bring his art to new, fresh eyes. He has begun weaving the edges of the painting into the fabric of the multiverse, hoping to escape his confinement.
  • Shan Hai Scrolls Neeko Shan Hai Scrolls Neeko
    A kindly god of the Shan Hai Scrolls who remembers her counterpart, Jhin, from before he succumbed to madness, Neeko believes she can return Jhin to the side of good before the painting's magic fades and doom befalls the multiverse, but she knows such an expenditure of power may destroy her in the process.
  • Shan Hai Scrolls Cho'Gath Shan Hai Scrolls Cho'Gath
    A mythical, titanic beast painted within the mysterious Shan Hai Scrolls, whose gluttony resulted in eternal karmic punishment, Cho'gath has seized upon the Scrolls' connection to the multiverse and plans to devour both his own world and then all others.
  • Shan Hai Scrolls Nautilus Shan Hai Scrolls Nautilus
    A guardian who helped seal the mad god Jhin within a holy waterfall, as depicted within the mysterious painting known as the Shan Hai Scrolls. Over the millenia, Jhin has whispered of power, freedom, and true godhood to Nautilus, until he finally released him. Now twisted with anger, Nautilus's rivers run not with water, but molten magma.


  • Neeko Neeko is trying to redeem Jhin Jhin before he can escape the scroll and unleash his army of monsters.


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