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For the League of Legends icon.png League of Legends equivalent, Season, see Patch.
For the Teamfight Tactics icon.png Teamfight Tactics equivalent, see Set (Teamfight Tactics).

A Set is a group of thematically and mechanically cohesive group of cards released over one or more expansions.


An Expansion is all the cards, champions, cosmetics, and game modes released with a major patch (roughly every two months). Each expansion will have a unique name.

A set shares its name with the first expansion in it. All cards from expansions of the same set will all be part of that set. It has been implied that this will be pertinent for future deckbuilding rules for different formats and game modes.[1]

A new Ranked season starts whenever a new expansion is released.

Current rules

  • A set will have three expansions. Each expansions are released every two months.
  • A set will focus on a new region.
  • The first expansion in a set will be larger, containing the new region's major themes.
  • Second and third expansions each will be half of the first expansion size. These will have a mix of new themes, new mechanics, evolutions of strategies from the first expansion.
  • A set will add a new champion to each region.
  • An expansion will contain new cards for each region. However, an expansion may release unequal number of cards to the regions, including the number of champions.
  • After a set is fully released and completed, all regions will have an equal number of champions and near-equal share of other cards.


  • Some Ranked seasons do not share its name with its sets, Season of Plunder and Season of Fortune. They are both from Rising Tides expansion.
  • It is four months between Rising Tides and Call of the Mountain expansion.

List of Sets

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