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Sentries were the two small monsters accompanying the Blue SentinelSquare Blue Sentinel at each camp.


Blue SentinelSquare Sentinels, or Stone-golems, are magical fusion of flora, fauna, and rock native to Valoran but can also be found in Ionia and on the Shuriman Continent. Despite its rock like appearance, its behavior is very much of an animal reminiscent of a bear or wolf. The creature is powered by nature magic. Sentinel Runespirit profileicon Smaller forms of this creature are called SentrySquare Sentries. Ivern OriginalSquare Ivern has befriended an injured Daisy OriginalSquare stone-golem. Knowing the poor creature was on the verge of death, he fashioned her a new heart from a river pebble. Adhering to the tradition of all mineral beings, the golem became Ivern's devoted life-friend. He named her Daisy! Daisy, after the flowers that mysteriously sprouted from her stone body. Today, if Ivern is threatened, she Daisy, wait! races to his side.


Summoner's Rift - Login Screen

Summoner's Rift - Login Screen

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