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Senna and Lucian, Sentinels of Light
(Art from LoR Champion Indicator.png2Lucian (Lvl. 1))

   "Those trapped in darkness need light the most."
Senna Senna

The Sentinels of Light Crest icon.png Sentinels of Light are an ancient order of hunters originally formed on the Blessed Isles Crest icon.png Blessed Isles. Its members are currently scattered across Runeterra defending it from the undying spirits of the Shadow Isles Crest icon.png Shadow Isles.


Senna & Lucian's relic-stone pistols
(left to right, art from LoR Spell Non-Slow Indicator.png1 Radiant Strike.)

The Sentinels of Light are an ancient sacred order that could be traced back its origins to the Blessed Isles Crest icon.png Blessed Isles, where the Black Mist originated. Currently a group of individuals that defend Runeterra from the undying spirits of the Shadow Isles Crest icon.png Shadow Isles. Known places defended by the Sentinels include Bilgewater Crest icon.png Bilgewater, Demacia Crest icon.png Demacia, Holdrum, Holnek, Ionia Crest icon.png Ionia, and the Serpentine Delta. The only known and alive Sentinel besides Lucian Lucian and Senna Senna is Daowan, who helped them during a mission in Ionia.

Each hunter of the order is given a relic-stone pistol as their main weapon for hunting. A Sentinel uses the weapon, by channeling their souls into light. Lucian's pistols were originally wielded by his father Urias and by Senna. Senna now wields a relic canon made out of various relic-stones from deceased Sentinels.

While inside Thresh's Thresh's lantern, Senna freed some Sentinels' souls, who possessed lost knowledge of the Ruination's origins, and of her curse. Now, their goal is to find the Ruined King Ruined King and stop him at any cost.

Champions of the Sentinels

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   "I use a fake name in Demacia. Jarro Lightfeather. Sentinel of Light, 8th Order. He's a national hero."
Ezreal Ezreal


Named Members Status Description
Anabal* Deceased* Sentinel of Light, once stationed in Ionia, former teacher to Daowan.
Daowan* Alive Sentinel of Light, she was trained by Anabal.
Lucian Lucian Alive Sentinel of Light, son of Urias. Trained and currently partnered with Senna Senna.
Senna Senna Undead* Leader of the Sentinels,[1] former apprentice of Urias. Current partner of Lucian Lucian.
Urias Deceased* Sentinel of Light, father of Lucian Lucian, former teacher of Senna Senna.


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