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Often finding herself in the team's backlines, Senna is damaging support that aids her team by empowering their auto-attacks.

Due to her traits, she can be played in 2 ways primarily.

In Light comps, she is extremely dependable on having Guardian Angel Guardian Angel to survive incoming assassins and backline threats, Morellonomicon Morellonomicon is her core item as it helps her fellow Light units to apply the % Max HP/healing debuff to entire enemy compositions.

In Shadow comps, however, she has her ability autos amplify by her Shadow buff, with Jeweled Gauntlet Jeweled Gauntlet and Infinity Edge Infinity Edge together for extreme burst as her fellow Shadow units can apply her destructive critically empowered autos to deal devastating damage.


  • Her ability is based on her League of Legends ability Piercing Darkness Piercing Darkness. However, bonus on-hit effects are unique to Teamfight Tactics.
  • Senna and Lucian Lucian came to Set 2 at the same time, bringing the Soulbound Soulbound trait to Set 2. The trait references their romantic relationship in the lore.

Patch History

V10.6 - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
  • Ability bonus on-hit damage increased to 20 / 45 / 70 from 15 / 40 / 65.
  • Ability bonus on-hit damage increased to 15 / 40 / 65 from 15 / 30 / 55.
  • Bug Fix: Untargetable units should no longer be targeted or crowd controled.
  • Ability bonus on-hit damage reduced to 15 / 30 / 55 from 25 / 45 / 75.
V9.24 - Added
  • Tier 2 Shadow Shadow Soulbound Soulbound.
  • Piercing Darkness.png Active - Piercing Darkness: Fires a beam through her furthest ally (or a nearest enemy if there is no ally), dealing 50 / 100 / 150 magic damage to enemies hit by the beam, and granting allies 25 / 45 / 75 bonus magic damage on-hit for 5 seconds.
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