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This article or section may contain obsolete information, but exists here for historical purposes.

  • This item has been removed on patch V13.10.

Seat of Command was a mythic item in League of Legends icon League of Legends. Could only be forged by Ornn Ornn.


Seat of Command item
Seat of Command
2500 Gold 2500 (Special)
Imperial Mandate item
2300 Gold 2300 (400 Gold 400)
Fiendish Codex item
900 Gold 900 (250 Gold 250)
Bandleglass Mirror item
1000 Gold 1000 (100 Gold 100)

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Noxus Crest icon


Sound Effects

Passive Triggered

Patch History

V13.10 - Removed
  • Removed from the game.
  • Bug Fix: Coordinated Fire's debuff now properly displays its icon in the affected unit's debuff bar.
  • Initial damage increased to 45 − 75 (based on level) from 36 − 60 (based on level).
  • Bug Fix: Now properly attributes mark damage to whoever hits the mark.
  • Bug Fix: If an item with an active passive is on cooldown and the player moves Imperial Mandate onto its slot, it will no longer copy the former item's remaining cooldown.
  • Bug Fix: Coordinated Fire now properly goes on cooldown upon the disable, rather than after the mark is consumed.
  • New Effect: Cooldown for both damage instances now starts on mark application rather than having only a cooldown on the mark detonation.
  • Total cost reduced to 2500 Gold 2500 from 2700 Gold 2700.
    • Combine cost reduced to 750 Gold 750 from 850 Gold 850.
  • Initial damage reduced to 36 − 60 (based on level) from 60 − 100 (based on level).
  • Ally damage increased to 90 − 150 (based on target's level) from 60 − 100 (based on target's level).
V10.23 - Added
  • Recipe: Kindlegem Kindlegem + Bandleglass Mirror Bandleglass Mirror + 850 Gold 850 = 2700 Gold 2700.
  • Stats: 40 ability power, 200 health, 20 ability haste, 100% base mana regeneration.
  • Unique Passive - Coordinated Fire: Abilities that Slow icon slow or Stun icon immobilize enemy champions deal 60 − 100 (based on level) bonus magic damage and mark them for 4 seconds. Allied champions that damage marked enemies consume the mark to deal 60 − 100 (based on target's level) bonus magic damage and grant you and the triggering ally 20% bonus movement speed for 2 seconds (6 second cooldown per enemy champion).
  • Mythic Passive: Empowers your other Legendary items with 15 ability power.
  • Limited to 1 Mythic item.
  • Ornn's Ornn's Masterwork Masterwork item: Seat of Command Seat of Command.
    • Stats: 70 ability power, 300 health, 25 ability haste, 200% base mana regeneration.


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