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LoL Preseason 2020 Promo 01

Season Ten (2020) is the tenth ranked season in League of Legends.

Game Changes

Runes Reforged
Summoner's Rift
  • Dragon changes
    • Elemental Drake buff changes
    • Third dragon impact the environment significantly.
    • When a team kill the forth Elemental Drake, a Dragon Soul bonus lasts the remainder of the game.
    • Elder DragonSquare Elder Dragon buff reworked and no longer affected by Elemental Drake buffs.
  • Side lane: New alcoves area and both have three patches of brush.
  • New brush patches opposite the Dragon and Baron pits; near the Blue SentinelSquare Blue Sentinel camp.
  • Balance in rewards: From killing monsters; from nearby minions : Solo laners gain more XP while duo laners gain less XP.
  • Changes to Rift HeraldSquare Rift Herald spawn and respawn time.
Teamfight Tactics
  • Board changes: Increase size and Elemental Hexes.
  • New monsters
Game Mode
The Store
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