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Sea Serpents are so well known in Bilgewater Bilgewater that the city's crest and Silver Serpents.png currency both feature them.


As their name suggests, they have serpent-like bodies with back fins. Their mouths have sharp teeth, and given the image of the LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png7 Shipwreck Hoarder, it appears that their mouths can open up to quite an extent, being able to swallow entire ships.


"Fear not the blasted beast ye know,
For some survive their thunder,
But what of them that broke the bow,
An' took them poor souls under?"
— Found scratched into a Bilgewater tavern beam

They can be summoned by serpent-callers; one account from a bygone Harrowing records the might of these creatures, which halted the progress of the Black Mist before it reached Bilgewater, though the beast was slain in the process.

The serpents can also be seen attacking regular sea hunter ships, with numerous underwater shipwrecks indicating a sea serpent is near.