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Saikhal is a settlement located in western Shurima. Its river is a tributary that connects to the Mother of Life River. It is the birthplace of Xerath Xerath.


Champions of Saikhal

Other Related

  • Azir Azir visited Saikhal after the destruction of Vekaura by Xerath.
  • Renekton Renekton conquered Saikhal in the ancient time.


  • Path of Dust: Once called the Water Road during the times of ancient Shurima, this is the main road tha leads from the town square to the river shores of Saikhal.


The Great Weaver

   "The great Weaver says every lesson is a gift."
Taliyah Taliyah
The Great Weaver is a Shuriman deity which weaves the lives and destinies of each individual and holds individual triumph into consideration, since even the smallest rock is important in weaving the larger tapestry of life. Belief in the Great Weaver started some time after the fall of Shurima and is widely practiced by nomads and shepherds.

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