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Sai Faraj is a desert region in southern Shurima. The ruins of the old Faraj nation, where the ancient Shuriman Empire likely started, are located in this region.[1]


Once a vassal state of Shurima known for it's astromancers, after the fall it became a barren desert also called as "Endless Plain". Few who attempt to cross it are ever seen again—if the relentless, burning heat and lack of water doesn't kill them, the predators and savage raiders that emerge under the cover of darkness likely will.

Champions of Sai Faraj

Other Related


  • The City of Gardens: This once thriving, beautiful city was destroyed during the apocalyptic Rune Wars. It is said that the entire population was annihilated in one terrible night, the city utterly leveled... and all that remains now lies in ruin. Kala and Ryze Ryze ventured to through this city during the events of The Burning Lands.
  • Zoantha Cascade: The shifting tides of the desert has been known to carve paths through bare rock, tumbling over the cliff faces in massive sandfalls. Traditionally, Shurimans toss beloved objects into the sands as gifts to the Ascended. As a result, such falls are often lucrative spots for treasure hunters.
  • Nerimazeth: The old city of Nerimazeth was the capital of Shurima. It was here that Sun Worshipers made the first iteration of a Sun Disc Sun Disc. Due to unspecified reasons, this was unsuccessful and the city became a vassal state enslaved to the rising Empire which had accomplished the Ascension ritual. It wasn't until Azir's Azir's death, that spurred surviving Ascended warriors to seek revenge for the collapse of their glorious empire. Enraged with spite the Ascended massacred Nerimazeth's inhabitants and burned the city that produced the very slave slave who assassinated their emperor. After being freed from the Tomb of Emperors, Xerath Xerath chose the city as the capital of his newly established nation.