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Freljord Rygann's Reach

Rygann's Reach

Rygann's Reach was a settlement located in the western part of the Freljord.


Rygann's Reach map

Rygann's Reach Map

Rumored to have been cursed by an evil mage and her Brand OriginalSquare son, the settlement that once stood here was burned to the ground many centuries ago.

Freljord Master And Apprentice

Together, Ryze and his young student Kegan Rodhe traveled the wilderness of the Freljord. The young man wanted to better understand the mysteries of the world, and his place within it—the older mage perhaps sought nothing more than a companion to share his secret burden.

Champions of Rygann's Reach

Other Related Champions

  • Ryze OriginalSquare Ryze visited near the place during his search for the world runes.


Ryze, the Rune Mage - Login Screen

Ryze, the Rune Mage - Login Screen

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