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Runic Bulwark was a finished item in League of Legends.


Runic Bulwark item Runic Bulwark

Cost Analysis

Self Gold Value ​​

Aura Value per Ally Champion

Gold Efficiency*

  • Runic Bulwark item Runic Bulwark was gold efficient with at least one ally champion.

Similar items


  • This was one of the 4 auras that could be used to improve champion pets, along with those of Aegis of the Legion item Aegis of the Legion, Banner of Command item Banner of Command, and the Captain item Captain boot enchant.
  • If player A bought a and player B bought the same item they would have gotten the benefits from player A and Player B's making the benefits double for them, their allies however received the aura only once.
  • This item was combined with Locket of the Iron Solari item Locket of the Iron Solari, but the armor portion of the aura was later removed.

Patch history


  • Removed from the game.


  • Combine cost reduced to Gold 400 from Gold 650 (total cost reduced to Gold 2950 from Gold 3200).
  • Health reduced to 300 from 400.
  • Magic resist aura reduced to 25 from 30.
  • Aura grants an additional 50% health regen, armor, and magic resist for minions.


  • Added to Twisted Treeline


  • Aegis of the Legion item Aegis of the Legion and Runic Bulwark item Runic Bulwark:
    • Fixed a bug where the Legion Aura from both items was stacking on teams.

V1.0.0.152: Added

  • Recipe: Null-Magic Mantle item Null-Magic Mantle + Aegis of the Legion item Aegis of the Legion
  • Item cost: Gold 3200
  • Combine cost: Gold 650
  • +400 Health
  • +20 Armor
  • +30 Magic Resist
  • Unique Aura - Legion: Nearby allies gain 10 Armor, 30 Magic Resist and 10 Health Regen per 5.


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