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The Rocky Highlands, or the Demacian hinterlands, are the mountainous region of northern Demacia, bordering with Freljord.


Champions of the Rocky Highlands

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  • Fossbarrow: Located in the far north of Demacia, bordering with the Freljord. The town is named after the Demacian hero Fossian Crownguard, whose tomb is near the town itself. It was the site of a horrific incident between the Dauntless Vanguard and an unknown nightmarish shade nightmarish shade that threatened the town. The town occupies the banks of the Serpentrion, a thundering river that rose in the mountains and snaked to the western coast. The town's walls of polished granite follow the line of the hills, and the buildings within are wrought from stone, seasoned timber and bottle-green roof tiles. The tower of a Lightbringer temple is located in the eastern part of town. The current Magistrate of Fossbarrow is Lady Giselle.
    • Fossian Crownguard's Tomb: Location where an evil spirit an evil spirit possessed a child which was later saved by Lux Lux.
    • Temple of the Lightbringers: A local temple of the Lightbringer, it is where Lux Lux was stationed during the events For Demacia.
  • High Silvermere: It is a large city in the rocky highlands of northern Demacia. It is known as the City of Raptors, due to its large native population of silverwing raptors. The original Crownguard family mansion is located in High Silvermere, at the foot of Knight's Rock.
    • Knight's Rock: A rocky mount at the edge of a waterfall.
      • Crownguard Mansion: The main home of the Crownguard family.
      • Raptor Aerie: Located on the top of Knight's Rock, the Aerie is the headquarters of the Raptor-Knights and their mounts.
  • Petricite Grove: One of many similar forests in Demacia, it is the location of the rare petrified flora with magical absorbing properties.
    • Demacian Vault: Deep beneath the ancient petricite groves, Ryze has found a forgotten vault where the volatile energies of the World Rune shards can be safely contained.
  • Uwendale: A remote mountain hamlet in the northeastern hinterlands of Demacia, Uwendale was the birthplace of Quinn Quinn and her brother Caleb. It is a thriving town of hunters and farmers, protected by mountain rangers expert in intercepting and killing any monsters that come down from the high peaks to hunt. The nearby towns harbor wyverns, rabid wolves, and bandits, though these foes were once thwarted by an unknown hero unknown hero.
  • Zeffira: A great old city in the mainland of Demacia, it is here where Kayle and Morgana where raised by their father. Its possible that this is where the refugees built their very first settlement and became Demacia's very first capital, but later destroyed by the battle between the Two Winged Sisters. This city is as large as the Great City.


Azurite Eagles

Azurite Eagles are an avian predatory species that live in the northern parts of Demacia. Their name comes from their blue to almost azure like feathers. Very rarely seen, these birds hunt small animals, but are also able to attack larger ones such as horses and tuskvores, even sometimes unexpecting attacking humans. They are some examples of domesticated azurite eagles, such as Valor Valor of Quinn Quinn.


Fleetfeathers are an avian predator who is a close relative to the silverwing raptors, though share an eagle appearance with Azurites. There are way smaller size compared to their cousins. However, these birds still retain an aggressive predatory instinct, attacking horses and humans that get close to their surroundings. Fleetfeather trackers are often used by the Demacian military to hunt down enemy scouts or fleeing bandits.

Petricite Trees

Petricite Trees are fossilized-like trees that were magically altered by World Runes. They have magic-dampening abilities as well as the ability to absorb magic. Several stories high, these white trees and their yellow leaves are as hard as stone. The early settlers of Demacia discovered a petrified forest that can dispel magic, and mixed this wood with ash and lime into the resistant material that is called Petricite. From this innovation, the walls of Demacia were established. The material used by Demacians in defensive walls, military, and public security. It is also used in Demacian architecture due to its white and elegant appearance.

Silverwing Raptors

Griffin-like creatures native to the high crags of northern Demacia, raptors are voracious predators. Only a few individuals have been known to befriend and ride these beasts. These riders serve in the Demacian military, scouting and harassing the enemy lines. When young young they have yellow and blue feathers, but when they reach maturity maturity they gain their signature silver grey and blue feathers.


Wyverns are members of the dragon family that are often mistaken for their cousins cousins due to their similar appearances. The distinguishing features of a wyvern is that it only has two legs and one pair of wings as opposed to the four-legged dragons. They are often spotted attacking the Demacian countryside and are a frequent threat to villagers.


The Festival of the Slayer

A celebration to honor a monster hunter monster hunter who saved numerous Demacian farms and villages from wyverns, rabid wolves, and bandits. Although this revered warrior had chosen to remain anonymous, that didn't stop the villagers from celebrating "his" deeds. This slayer had been spotted near the town of Uwendale, leaving the first eyewitness accounts of "his" appearance. To commemorate the hero's bravery a stone statue was erected in "his" honor.


Noble Houses

As a monarchy, Demacia is governed by various royal families, regulating the nation primarily as members of the Demacian Council. While many of the Noble Houses have ruled for generations, they are treated as any other citizen under the nation's strict laws and are not exempt from them. They may even be treated more harshly under the law as they are meant to serve as shining examples of how Demacian citizens should conduct themselves, publicly and privately.

Noble House Members Crest
Crownguard Fossian, Pieter, Augatha, Tianna Tianna, Garen Garen, Luxanna Luxanna:
A paragon family of Demacian service. Crownguard is an honorific given to the family charged with protecting the king.
Crownguard House Crest.png


Magistrates are the provincial rulers of Demacia. They are tasked to enforce Demacian rule in cities or villages outside the capital.

Magistrates Description
Giselle Current Magistrate of Fossbarrow. Her son Luca was saved by Garen Garen and Lux Lux from demonic demonic possession.


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