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Road Warrior

By Jared Rosen

Road Warriors is a series of alternate future/universe skins in League of Legends. Set in a dystopian wasteland, each of the champions represent fallout surviver turned into vandals, raiders, and roadsters.


Road Warriors
  • Brand VandalCircle Vandal Brand
    The wasteland is full of problems, and there's no better problem solver than Brand. Sure, his prices are a little high for a glorified thug, but nothing sends a hard message like a fistful of supernatural fire.
  • Gragas VandalCircle Vandal Gragas
    Gragas causes enough trouble to be kicked out of every wasteland settlement twenty times over, but the man found a way to mix potent brew and unrefined gasoline into the staple beverage of the post-apocalypse. Might as well let him wreck a few bars. He's earned it.
  • Jax VandalCircle Vandal Jax
    A wandering warrior feared by the wasteland's many roving gangs, Jax casually strolls across miles of broken highway with a two-by-four and a few rusty nails, crushing the heads of anyone he happens to run into. It gets just as ugly as it sounds.
  • Miss Fortune RoadWarriorCircle Road Warrior Miss Fortune
    A lone rider whose home is the open road, Miss Fortune takes the wasteland's problems into her own hands before moving on—always another job, always another town. Lately, she's been butting heads with the Vandal gang, a group of famed ruffians she's excited to finally put down.
  • Rumble BadlandsBaronCircle Badlands Baron Rumble
    Nothing turns a traveler's blood cold like seeing Rumble in the distance, his iron death buggy chugging thick clouds of irradiated smoke. That means someone's got his attention, and those with Rumble's attention have a nasty habit of becoming very, very dead.
  • Trundle JunkyardCircle Junkyard Trundle
    Self-proclaimed king of the Wasteland's endless, irradiated junk heaps, Trundle saunters about his vast 'kingdom' flanked by a small army of sycophantic thugs. Any travelers discovered in his domain are subjected to painfully theatrical displays of grandeur—then beatings, then death.
  • Twitch VandalCircle Vandal Twitch
    An irradiated humanoid rat with an appetite for wanton collateral damage, Twitch is the number one provider of putrefied nuclear slime grenades to unsuspecting settlements everywhere. Equal parts audacious and paranoid, it is nearly impossible to stop his reckless rampages.
  • Vladimir VandalCircle Vandal Vladimir
    Leader of the notorious Vandals, Vladimir's exposure to residual radiation has given him control over the blood of living organisms. If he wanted to, he could cure every creature in the wasteland of disease—instead he rides around with his crew ransacking settlements. Priorities.
  • Warwick HyenaCircle Hyena Warwick
    In the old days, hyenas were known as opportunistic hunters famed for their violent infighting and chorus of inhuman laughter. Now, in the wasteland, not much has changed.


  • These skin set was heavily inspired by the Mad Max series.
  • Warwick HyenaCircle Hyena Warwick is part of this set due to the appearance of Brand VandalCircle Vandal Brand in his splash art as well as the representation of a desert roadster area. He is also seen in the background of the splash art for Rumble BadlandsBaronCircle Badlands Baron Rumble.



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