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Rise of the Sentinels (League of Legends)Rise of the Sentinels (League of Legends)
Rise of the Sentinels (Wild Rift)Rise of the Sentinels (Wild Rift)

Rise of the Sentinels was a visual novel in League of Legends icon.png League of Legends telling the story of how the Sentinels of Light Crest icon.svg Sentinels of Light fought back against Viego Viego and the forces of darkness. It was released on July 8th, 2021 (1:00 PM PT) and ended on August 9th, 2021 (11:59 PT).[1]


Demacia Crest icon.png Demacia

Lucian Lucian and Senna Senna sail to Sentinel Headquarters in search of reinforcements. There they encounter a lone Sentinel rookie before being attacked by wraiths. The Sentinels discover a mysterious girl, Gwen Gwen, fighting off wraiths with a pair of oversized scissors. When more wraiths arrive, she hides everyone within a cloud of Hallowed Mist, allowing them to retreat to the base. Inside, the Sentinels are contacted by a LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png3 Buhru Sentinel who introduces them to the Worldstone and the Wayfinder, tools that allow them to teleport to any Sentinel base. They are tasked with fighting back the Mist across Runeterra and recruiting any worthy fighters to their cause. Understanding their mission, they head out to fight the Black Mist, starting in Demacia.

Once they arrive in Demacia, currently under siege from a massive Harrowing, the Sentinels head to the Singing Swan tavern to gather information. There they meet Vayne Vayne, who informs them the Harrowing is concentrated around the Mageseeker compound. With the knowledge that Viego Viego is seeking a powerful artifact, they head out to face the Ruined King. A ruined Shyvana Shyvana confronts them at the entrance of the compound and buries them in rubble. Gwen frees the group with her scissors and they charge into the mageseekers' vaults.

Viego confronts the Sentinels within the vaults and opens a sealed chest to retrieve a handheld mirror, revealed to be a fragment of Queen Isolde Isolde's soul. He attempts to retrieve the remaining fragment within Senna, but Gwen intervenes and hides her within Hallowed Mist. Viego vanishes, but not before collapsing the building atop the Sentinels. The Sentinels manage to escape and give chase to Viego.

The group manages to corner him, but before they can harm him, Shyvana Shyvana attacks. At Vayne's provocation, Shyvana transforms, and the Sentinels are forced to fight her in her draconic form. Viego escapes with the mirror while the Sentinels subdue Shyvana. Senna stops Vayne from killing her and they agree to imprison her within the Mageseeker's dungeon until she returns to normal. Vayne agrees to join the Sentinels, in exchange for relic weapons, and they return to headquarters to swear her in. Once sworn in, Gwen outfits Vayne Vayne with a new uniform and a relic crossbow.

In the Shadow Isles, Viego revels in his victory. Thresh Thresh offers his services to Viego, but he rejects him, no longer trusting Thresh after Senna escaped his lantern. Viego's newest ally, Vex Vex, has returned from spreading the Black Mist across Runeterra and is eager to see the world plunged into darkness. Elsewhere on the Isles, Thresh begins to absorb the Black Mist and plots his next move.

Freljord Crest icon.png Freljord

The Sentinels teleport to the Freljord base, only to be trapped beneath decades of packed snow. Digging their way out of a snowdrift, the Sentinels discover a giant, axe-wielding berserker battling some wraiths. Lucian Lucian recognizes Olaf Olaf from an earlier Harrowing and they follow him as he hacks his way through the snowdrift to chase after a wraith. The wraith leads him to Vex Vex, a depressed yordle working with Viego, and Olaf attacks her. She easily repels his charge and prepares to finish him off. The Sentinels intervene before Vex can deliver the finishing blow and she leaves with her Shadow. Olaf is displeased with their interference in his warrior's death and demands a fight.

The Rookie has a close call with Olaf's blade, but eventually manages to placate him. Olaf agrees to team up with the Sentinels to fight Vex and guides them through the Freljord. The group then sets off through some ice caves in search of Vex. After several hours, the Sentinels reach the top of a glacier and encounter Vex unearthing an artifact from the ice. The Sentinels confront her, but make little headway against her Shadow. Olaf, pacified by the Rookie, can't enter his berserk state to help the group. The Sentinels manage to enrage Olaf again and direct his fury against Vex. Nonetheless, she secures the artifact, an ivory comb, and escapes.

The Sentinels chase Vex down the glacier and cause an avalanche to cut off her escape. As they corner her, she slows them down with a cloud of despair and disappears. Lucian suggests recruiting Olaf, which Senna reluctantly agrees to, and they convince him to join with the promise of facing Viego Viego, someone who could grant him a warrior's death, and they return to headquarters. Senna swears him into their ranks and Gwen provides Olaf Olaf with a new uniform and relic axes.

Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus

In Noxus, the Sentinels discover that their base has been paved over by the Reckoner's Arena, where gladiators are fighting wraiths. Draven Draven presides over the ruined crowd and, after spotting the Sentinels, decides to make them his next combatants and unleashes a horde of wraiths against them. Though the Sentinels triumph, they are imprisoned until their next fight. While in their cell, they meet Riven Riven, who has devised an escape plan that requires the Rookie's silver tongue. They manage to lure a guard to their cells, before ambushing them and stealing their keys. The group then fights their way through the remaining guards and reclaim their weapons.

Once free, Riven and the Sentinels follow the Black Mist to the Immortal Bastion. They find wraiths pouring into a statue of an armored warlord armored warlord and discover an entrance to the city's catacombs hidden behind the monument. Senna, Riven, and the Rookie descend in search of the secrets the Mist seeks out, while the others guard their escape. They eventually arrive at the Black Rose's chamber and enter after the Rookie shares one of their darkest secrets. Inside the chamber, Senna, Riven and Rookie confront Viego. The Ruined King has already found another fetter, a wine flagon, and taunts Senna about the one she still possesses. Before they can stop him, Viego vanishes and Draven Draven arrives, demanding the three finish their fight.

Draven forces Senna, Riven, and the Rookie to return to the arena and battle him, revealing that he has recaptured their allies. After a struggle, the three exploit Draven's pandering to the crowd and gain the upper hand. They leave him hogtied in the arena and reunite with the rest of their party. As the Sentinels prepare to depart, they notice Riven sitting alone and offer to let her join them with the promise of giving her a new home. They return to headquarters where Riven Riven is sworn in and Gwen outfits her with a new uniform and a relic sword.

Ionia Crest icon.png Ionia

In Ionia, the Sentinels are met by the ruined landscape of the First Lands and are attacked by the corrupted environment. After fighting off the Mist, the Sentinels are confronted by Irelia Irelia, who mistakes them for enemies. While Irelia initially refuses to believe any group containing Riven Riven can mean well for Ionia, she agrees to take them to Karma Karma and the Lasting Altar.

At the Altar, Riven and Olaf Olaf remain outside, while the rest of the group heads in. Karma reveals that Viego is coming for another fetter, a silver flower. She charges the Sentinels with taking the fetter to the Grove of the Ancients, a vastayan forest protected by ancient magic that not even the Black Mist can penetrate. Before they can leave, wraiths invade the Altar and the Sentinels and Irelia hold them off while Karma flees to the grove.

As the Sentinels escort Karma to the forest, she is overwhelmed with regret of not intervening as Ionians died during the Noxian invasion. Giving in to Viego's corruption, persuaded by his determination and decisiveness, she becomes ruined ruined and flees into the forest with the fetter. The Sentinels track Karma down and manage to temporarily purify her and reclaim the fetter. Before transforming back, she explains each fetter is part of Isolde's soul and Viego is determined to combine them to bring back his lost love. As more wraiths arrive, the Sentinels abandon Karma and flee into the Grove.

Inside the Grove, the Spirit of Ionia and the Grove's magic shield the Sentinels from their foes. In the lull, Senna and the Sentinels ponder her connection with Isolde. When Viego himself arrives, he corrupts the land and steals the fetter. Seeing Viego corrupt the Spirit of Ionia convinces Irelia to join the Sentinels and she returns to headquarters with them. Irelia Irelia is sworn into their ranks and Gwen gives her a new uniform and relic blades.

Targon Crest icon.png Targon

In Targon, the Sentinels see the mountain's peak has been shrouded in Black Mist. The Sentinels, determined to make the perilous climb, encounter Diana Diana at the base of the mountain, who volunteers to guide them on their climb. Halfway up, Diana suggests retreat when she hears the Aspects locked in a celestial clash. The Rookie convinces her that protecting Targon is worth risking the Aspects' wrath, but before they can continue they encounter Solari fanatics blocking their path.

They quickly dispatch the Solari and continue their climb. Near the peak, the group finds Atreus Atreus and Viego Viego locked in battle for another fetter. Before they can assist Atreus, Viego ruins him and reawakens Pantheon Pantheon. The newly restored Aspect of War then calls down an avalanche. Sheltering from Pantheon's avalanche in a cave, the group is trapped by falling rocks. Diana despairs and nearly succumbs to ruin, but the group meet two Lunari, who reveal that Diana is the Aspect of the Moon, and whose faith in her restores her will to fight. Reinvigorated, Diana clears the rockfall and they head back up the mountain.

At the peak, cosmic light battles plumes of Black Mist. In the chaos, Viego retrieves another fetter, a copper sundial. As the Sentinels prepare to confront him with the Aspect of the Moon, Viego prompts his own Aspect to dispatch the group and departs. Pantheon knocks them to a lower plateau and summons a wraith army to his aid. After overcoming his army, Diana defeats Pantheon herself and sends him plummeting. Seeing no hope for her people while the Harrowing persists, Diana Diana agrees to join the Sentinels. She returns to headquarters to be sworn in and is given a new uniform and a relic sword by Gwen.

Piltover Crest icon.png Piltover & Zaun Crest icon.png Zaun

In Piltover, the Sentinels discover that the city is oddly unaffected the Black Mist. They run into Graves Graves, who informs them that Piltover has hextech contraptions that hold back the Mist. However, the machines soon break and the Black Mist pours in. They track the Mist to a curio shop, where Senna identifies an antique parasol as a fetter. Before the Sentinels can secure it, Graves steals the parasol with the intent of selling it.

Following a trail of Black Mist, the Sentinels discover that Graves has fled to the undercity of Zaun. Unfortunately the entrance to Zaun has been blocked by barricades and chem-tech mines. The group soon meets two local Sentinels, LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png8 Dess & Ada, who suggest entering the undercity through the cities' connected sewer system. Once they arrive in Zaun, they encounter Vex Vex, who is also searching for Graves' fetter. Dess & Ada hold off Vex, while the rest of the team searches for Graves.

The Sentinels eventually track him down to a chemtech factory, and Senna sends in the Rookie to negotiate. Vayne and Senna soon join the negotiations, but when Graves refuses to hand over the fetter, Vayne shoots at him and he returns fire. The Sentinels find themselves in a gunfight, surrounded by volatile chemicals. Graves' reckless firing soon causes the chemicals to ignite. They all escape as the building blows, but stumble upon Vex, who has defeated Dess & Ada and takes the fetter. The Sentinels reveal that Viego seeks to revive his wife with the fetters, but Vex dismisses them and leaves. Lucian sees value in a fearless gunman who's furious at Viego and recruits Graves, despite protest from Senna. They return to headquarters where Graves Graves outfits himself with a new relic shotgun and uniform. Despite initial objections, Graves eventually takes the Sentinels oath after being intimidated by Vayne, the only Sentinel he respects.

In the Shadow Isles, Viego gazes remorsefully at an ancient music box, longing to be reunited with Isolde. Vex questions if what the Sentinels said was true, that Viego intends to use the fetters to bring back his wife. Viego admits he plans to revive his lost love, which disappoints Vex and she prepares to leave. Not wanting to lose his most powerful ally, Viego promises that he still has plans for her and Vex decides to stay. Nearby, Thresh eavesdrops on the conversation and ponders his own place in his plans.

Ixtal Crest icon.png Ixtal

Arriving in Ixtal, the Sentinels must split up to find traces of the Harrowing. Frustrated by Lucian's growing concern, Senna sends him and the Rookie off to scout the east while the others head in different directions. Lucian and the Rookie soon encounter Rengar Rengar, who expresses interest in the challenge of hunting wraiths. Unfortunately he is ill equipped to fight wraiths and is soon overwhelmed, forcing the two Sentinels to rescue him.

Defeated by the wraiths, Rengar loses his confidence and refuses to fight. The Rookie spins a fanciful tale and, despite Lucian's amusement and disbelief, manages to re-inspire Rengar. With their new ally roused, the trio pushes on after the Mist. Lucian vents to Rengar and the Rookie about his desire to protect Senna. Thresh Thresh appears and offers a deal to the group: crucial information that can defeat Viego, in exchange for a fetter. Despite their bitter history, Lucian follows him to a temple to hear him out, where Thresh exploits Lucian's desire to protect Senna and makes him retrieve a jade mask from the temple. Thresh illuminates ancient reliefs within the temple that tell the story of an old Harrowing, which reveals that there is a powerful weapon at the Sentinel base in Shurima, a gun that can revive fallen allies. Not believing the story, Lucian calls off the deal, but Thresh has already departed. Furious that they have been tricked, Lucian swears Rengar and the Rookie to secrecy. The Rookie convinces Lucian to let Rengar join them, due to his new desire to hunt Viego and prove that he is still an apex predator. Senna swears him in and Gwen outfits Rengar Rengar with a new uniform and relic knives.

In the Shadow Isles, Viego observes the fetters that he has collected, before being interrupted by Thresh. Thresh reveals the jade mask and offers it as an olive branch, feigning interest in returning to his good graces. Viego accepts the offering, but warns Thresh about failing him again. As Thresh leaves, he siphons more Black Mist and flesh begins to grow over his bones.

Bilgewater Crest icon.png Bilgewater

In Bilgewater, the Sentinels find the port city surrounded by a fleet of warships. They notice a trail of Black Mist leading to the cabin of one of the ships and deduce that the commander of blockade has found the fetter. Graves believes his reputation in the city will allow them to negotiate for the fetter and boards the ship with Gwen, Senna, Vayne, and the Rookie. Aboard the vessel, they learn that Miss Fortune Miss Fortune is responsible for the blockade, as part of her on-going turf war against Gangplank Gangplank. She mistakes Graves and the Sentinels as mercenaries sent by the former Reaver King, but Lucian intervenes and informs her that Viego has returned to Bilgewater. Miss Fortune reveals that she has recently recovered a fetter, a brass bell, and when the Sentinels explain the object's value, she leaves to make a deal with Viego.

The team pursues her, trying to talk her out of the deal, but Fortune insists her power struggle with Gangplank is too important, hoping that she can gain the power to finally bring order to Bilgewater. The Sentinels manage to persuade her to join them, and to give them the fetter if they can defeat Viego; however, they do not entirely trust her. On their way to the slaughter docks, the group comes across Pyke Pyke fighting a group of wraiths. After a tense misunderstanding, Senna convinces him to fight the wraiths barring their path, allowing them to keep tracking Viego. The Sentinels soon find him in a warehouse, searching for the fetter. After confronting him, Miss Fortune Miss Fortune betrays the group and offers Viego the fetter and the Sentinels in exchange for the power to destroy her rivals, becoming ruined. Senna proceeds to attack Viego and Fortune returns fire. In the ensuing fight, the Rookie informs Pyke that Miss Fortune is now on his list and he disappears. Viego departs with the fetter, but not before collapsing the warehouse, which knocks the Wayfinder into the ocean.

Dispirited at the loss of their only transportation, the Sentinels encounter more misfortune when Miss Fortune and her crew shows up to finish them off. At the last moment, Pyke returns and drags Fortune in to the bay, while the Sentinels fight off her gang. After hours of fighting, the Sentinels defeat Fortune's crew, but are pressed to exhaustion. Pyke eventually resurfaces and returns the Wayfinder to the Sentinels before parting ways. The group returns to headquarters, only to find out that Pyke has stowed away. Lucian sees value in an indestructible, homicidal, ghoul and Pyke is convinced that Viego is on his list. Gwen outfits Pyke Pyke with a new uniform and a relic knife and Lucian swears him, despite objections from Senna.

Shurima Crest icon.png Shurima

Looking over her motley crew of Sentinels, Senna knows that time is running out and decides it's time to act. Lucian, afraid of losing her, proposes to the Rookie that they should track down the weapon Thresh told them about. They teleport to Shurima while the others are asleep. At the Shurima base, they meet Akshan Akshan, who now possesses the fabled weapon after his mentor, Shadya, was murdered by one of the local warlords. Determined to revive Shadya, Akshan leaves to confront one of the warlords. Lucian and the Rookie track him down and despite expressing their doubts, agree to stand guard and watch to see if the Absolver works.

After killing the warlord, Akshan races back to the base to see if his mentor is revived. When she isn't, Lucian and the Rookie try to convince the rogue Sentinel to give up his resurrection quest and join their cause. Undeterred, Akshan leaves to face another warlord. As Lucian and the Rookie prepare to depart, they see a Harrowing occurring in the village below. Realizing Viego is here searching for another fetter, Lucian decides he and the Rookie must face their foe alone.

In town, Viego, Draven Draven, and Karma Karma have recovered another fetter, a reed basket. Lucian and Rookie charge Viego with guns blazing, but Karma shields him from their attacks. Realizing it's only the two of them, Viego decides to save his strength and departs with his court and the fetter. He summons a horde of wraiths to deal with the interlopers and they quickly overwhelm the Sentinels. As they lay dying, a familiar face returns and dispatches the wraiths. Returned to the Shurima base, Lucian and the Rookie awaken, realizing they were revived by the Absolver. Having a change of heart, Akshan tells them his mentor believed in the Sentinels' cause and that joining them would be a better way of honoring her memory. Returning to headquarters with their new ally, Senna is furious at Lucian and the Rookie's attempt to sneak off to try and find a way to keep her alive, as well as at Akshan for his numerous Sentinel code violations.

Shadow Isles Crest icon.png Shadow Isles

At last, the Sentinels head to the Shadow Isles to confront Viego and put an end to his madness. Lucian and Senna fight once more about his inability to let her go, and her determination to stop Viego, no matter the cost. They meet a LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png4 veteran Sentinel, who informs them that it is impossible for them to head into the heart of the Mist without protection. He takes the group to meet Yorick Yorick, who offers them the last of the Waters of Life and the final fetter, The Maiden of the Mist The Maiden of the Mist. The Sentinels sail to Viego's island, but notice Akshan has disappeared. The Sentinels split up and prepare to ambush Viego. Senna draws him out with the remaining fetters and the Sentinels attack, while Gwen tries to restrain him with her needles, thread and Hallowed Mist. As the Sentinels begin to gain the upper hand, Viego reveals that he has corrupted Ada and Dess, the Sentinels of Piltover & Zaun, and they restrain Senna; he then swiftly dispatches Gwen with a strike from his sword. The Sentinels try to free their leader, but Draven Draven, Karma Karma, Miss Fortune Miss Fortune, Pantheon Pantheon, and Shyvana Shyvana arrive and attack with an army of wraiths. Viego has Vex Vex create a portal to Camavor and takes Senna, Gwen, the Maiden, and the other fetters through. Lucian almost pursues, but recognizes that Senna needs to finish this herself and returns to the fight.

Before the portal closes, the Rookie reaches it and enters the land of Camavor. Using the fetters, Viego resurrects Isolde, killing Senna, Gwen, and the Maiden in the process. Isolde is horrified at what Viego has become and rejects him. Enraged, Viego attempts to corrupt the Rookie, but is interrupted by Akshan, who sneaked through the portal. Realizing his weapon is ineffective against Viego, Akshan is prompted by Isolde to shoot her instead. He kills Isolde with his Absolver, which revives Senna, Gwen, and the Maiden and weakens Viego. Senna and Akshan attack Viego, while the Rookie tries to distract him. Gwen manages to bind him with her Hallowed Mist and Viego is left defeated and restrained. The remaining fetters reckon with surviving and wonder how they will get back. Vex offers to open a portal back, no longer having an issue with the Sentinels now that Viego is defeated.

Returning to the Shadow Isles, the group is reunited with their allies and see that those who were corrupted have returned to normal. They notice the Isles suspiciously remain plagued by the Black Mist and Rengar warns them of an approaching presence, something more powerful than anything he has sensed before. This turns out to be a newly corporeal Thresh Thresh, who reveals that he has been siphoning the excess Mist Viego was wasting, and is now unbound from the Isles. He divulges the bargain that Lucian made with him in Ixtal and demands retribution for Senna's soul escaping his lantern, one soul for hers or all of their souls if no one complies. The Sentinels try to stop him, but Thresh easily repels their attacks. Lucian considers offering his soul, but the Rookie takes his place instead. As Thresh prepares to harvest their soul, the Rookie activates the Wayfinder at the last second and transports everyone back to headquarters. With Viego defeated, most of the new Sentinels return to their old lives and Akshan heads back to Shurima to honor his mentor and continue her work. Vayne decides to remain with the Sentinels and agrees to represent them in Demacia, while Lucian, Senna, and Gwen begin a new quest to stop Thresh. Nearby, Thresh is eager to harvest more souls, free from the Shadow Isles.

Due to Spoilers, Character Artwork is hidden.

  • (NOTE: these effects need an update)

Taking the Oath

  • To start the event the player must go to the Rise of the Sentinels tab in-game and join the Order to start the journey and track their progress.

Recruiting Across Runeterra

  • Every decision matters. Though all roads may lead to the Ruined King, different routes will result in unique story beats and change how you earn points.
  • You must complete your current region before moving on to the next one.
  • Completing a region will earn you rewards, a narrative beat, and a new Sentinel.

Journey Overview

  • As time goes on, the Sentinels will push through new regions, opening them up to players and adding to their ranks along the way. While some regions must be visited first (Demacia, Piltover & Zaun), others present a choice that will affect your rewards and which Sentinel you recruit. In these instances, the region visited first is marked with an A, while the region visited second will be marked with a B.
  • While players could decide which region they wanted to visit first, the canonical path of storyline is Demacia, Freljord, Noxus, Ionia, Targon, Piltover & Zaun, Ixtal, Bilgewater, Shurima and then the Shadow Isles.
Week 1 (July 8)
First location Second location Third location
Sentinel Vayne Sentinel Vayne
Defiant Riven (A) Defiant Riven (A)
Berserk Olaf (B) Berserk Olaf (B)
Enraged Olaf (A) Enraged Olaf (A)
Reforged Riven (B) Reforged Riven (B)
Week 2 (July 15)
First location Second location
Vengeful Diana (A) Vengeful Diana (A)
Patient Irelia (B) Patient Irelia (B)
Swift Irelia (A) Swift Irelia (A)
Serene Diana (B) Serene Diana (B)
Week 3 (July 22)
First location Second location Third location
Piltover & Zaun
Sentinel Graves Sentinel Graves
Sunked Pyke (A) Sunked Pyke (A)
Feral Rengar (B) Feral Rengar (B)
Stalking Rengar (A) Stalking Rengar (A)
Risen Pyke (B) Risen Pyke (B)
Week 4 (July 29)
First location Second location
Akshan Akshan
Shadow Isles
  • While you'll still end up with essentially the same roster at the end, your decisions can have a real impact on the champions you recruit. Some of them will be changed in small ways depending on the results of your choices. This is reflected in the adjective before their name (e.g. Defiant Riven (A) Defiant Riven (A) vs Reforged Riven (B) Reforged Riven (B)), and also changes the mechanics of how champions earn you points, which help you progress across the map and through the event.

Sentinel Points

  • Play matchmade games of Summoner's Rift (except Co-op vs. AI), ARAM, or Ultimate Spellbook to gain points. Each new recruit you add to your ranks will come with their own objectives. But as the stakes increase over time, so do the points they can earn from achieving those objectives, allowing even late additions to the cause to have a chance of saving Runeterra.
Champion Objective Points
Lucian Lucian Get 1 / 5 / 10 / 15 kills. 1 / 3 / 6 / 8 (Week 1)
2 / 6 / 12 / 16 (Week 2)
3 / 9 / 18 / 24 (Week 3)
4 / 12 / 24 / 32 (Week 4)
Senna Senna Get 2 / 7 / 12 / 17 assists. 1 / 3 / 6 / 8 (Week 1)
2 / 6 / 12 / 16 (Week 2)
3 / 9 / 18 / 24 (Week 3)
4 / 12 / 24 / 32 (Week 4)
Gwen Gwen Get a vision score of 15 / 23 / 32. 2 / 6 / 8 (Week 1)
4 / 12 / 16 (Week 2)
6 / 18 / 24 (Week 3)
8 / 24 / 32 (Week 4)
Vayne Vayne Kill 1 / 3 / 5 / 7 epic monsters. 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 (Week 1)
4 / 8 / 12 / 16 (Week 2)
6 / 12 / 18 / 24 (Week 3)
8 / 16 / 24 / 32 (Week 4)
Enraged Olaf (A) Enraged Olaf (A) Destroy 2 / 5 / 8 / 10 structures as a team. 1 / 3 / 5 / 15 (Week 1)
2 / 6 / 10 / 30 (Week 2)
3 / 9 / 15 / 45 (Week 3)
4 / 12 / 20 / 60 (Week 4)
Berserk Olaf (B) Berserk Olaf (B) Deal 10k / 15k / 25k / 35k physical damage to champions. 6 / 12 / 24 / 30 (Week 2)
9 / 18 / 36 / 45 (Week 3)
12 / 24 / 48 / 60 (Week 4)
Defiant Riven (A) Defiant Riven (A) Deal 3k / 7k / 12k damage to turrets. 4 / 8 / 12 (Week 1)
8 / 16 / 24 (Week 2)
12 / 24 / 36 (Week 3)
16 / 32 / 48 (Week 4)
Reforged Riven (B) Reforged Riven (B) Get 5 / 10 / 15 / 25 takedowns. 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 (Week 2)
3 / 6 / 9 / 12 (Week 3)
4 / 8 / 12 / 16 (Week 4)
Swift Irelia (A) Swift Irelia (A) Win a game within 35 / 28 / 22 / 18 minutes. 4 / 8 / 16 / 20 (Week 2)
8 / 16 / 32 / 36 (Week 3)
12 / 24 / 48 / 52 (Week 4)
Patient Irelia (B) Patient Irelia (B) Have 3 / 2 / 1 / 0 deaths. 8 / 16 / 20 / 40 (Week 3)
12 / 24 / 30 / 60 (Week 4)
Vengeful Diana (A) Vengeful Diana (A) Get a crowd control score of 15 / 24 / 32. 5 / 10 / 18 (Week 2)
10 / 20 / 36 (Week 3)
15 / 30 / 54 (Week 4)
Serene Diana (B) Serene Diana (B) Deal 10k / 15k / 20k / 30k magic damage to champions. 16 / 32 / 36 / 40 (Week 3)
24 / 48 / 54 / 60 (Week 4)
Graves Graves Steal 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 epic monsters. 6 / 10 / 14 / 18 (Week 3)
12 / 20 / 28 / 36 (Week 4)
Stalking Rengar (A) Stalking Rengar (A) Get 1 / 5 / 10 / 15 solo kills. 4 / 10 / 20 / 25 (Week 3)
8 / 15 / 30 / 40 (Week 4)
Feral Rengar (B) Feral Rengar (B) Get a 3 / 5 / 8 killstreak. 15 / 30 / 48 (Week 4)
Sunken Pyke (A) Sunken Pyke (A) Earn 5k / 10k / 15k / 20k gold. 6 / 12 / 18 / 24 (Week 3)
8 / 16 / 24 / 32 (Week 4)
Risen Pyke (B) Risen Pyke (B) Get 1 / 3 / 5 multikills. 24 / 40 / 64 (Week 4)
Akshan Akshan Win a game. 25 (Week 4)

Sentinel skinline bonus bond

  • Playing a matchmade game using a Sentinel or Ruined Skin grants an additional 2 / 4 / 8 / 16 Sentinel points at week 1 / 2 / 3 / 4.
    • This bonus only applies to champions who joined the Sentinels or were Ruined after the event began, so the base skins for Senna Senna, Lucian Lucian, Gwen Gwen, Akshan Akshan, Thresh Thresh, and Viego Viego will not earn extra points.

Rookie missions

  • Starting from week 3, you'll have the opportunity to earn even more points by achieving special objectives related to your roster. Just remember: these are optional tasks meant to give you a little point boost in certain situations. You won't miss out on any rewards if you don't complete them.
Week 3
Mission Sentinel combo Objective Points
Merciful Warrior Riven (A) + Irelia (A) Most assists on your team 25
Tormented Fighter Riven (A) + Diana (A) Most gold on your team 25
Spiteful Vanguard Olaf (A) + Irelia (A) Most kills on your team 25
Cunning Berserker Olaf (A) + Diana (A) Highest creep score on your team 25
Week 4
Mission Sentinel combo Objective Points
Grim Hunt Riven (B) + Irelia (B) + Rengar (A) Get a kill streak of Godlike or better 50
Decisive Assault Riven (B) + Diana (B) + Rengar (A) Get first blood (assists do not count) 70
Depths of Rage Olaf (B) + Irelia (B) + Pyke (A) Win a game having dealt at least 28,000 damage to champions 50
Inner Darkness Olaf (B) + Diana (B) + Pyke (A) As a team, have a higher CC score than the enemy team 40
Deadly Presence Riven (B) + Irelia (B) + Pyke (A) Earn a quadra kill or better 50
Ebbing Blade Riven (B) + Diana (B) + Pyke (A) Takedown each enemy champion at least once 50
Brutal Bash Olaf (B) + Irelia (B) + Rengar (A) Deal more damage to champions than you took 40
Wild Ambush Olaf (B) + Diana (B) + Rengar (A) Win a game in a premade group of 3 or more total players (2 friends) 30

Bonus repeatable mission

Starting on Week 3 (July 22nd), a new mission was added. This mission could be repeated infinitely. It didn't appear in missions log. Completing it granted 600 Sentinel points. [2]

  • Play 1 PvP matchmade game of Summoner's Rift, ARAM, Ultimate Spellbook, or Teamfight Tactics (excluding Hyper Roll).

Region Rewards

  • While each new Sentinel is arguably your most valuable reward for completing a region, you can earn more and greater rewards for climbing each region's tiers by earning more points.
Region Reward
Demacia (Week 1) Tier 1 (30 points): 5 tokens
Tier 2 (60 points): Sentinels of Light Event profileicon.jpg Sentinels Event Icon + Sentinel Senna Emote.png Sentinel Senna Emote
Tier 3 (90 points): The Night Hunter Sentinel profileicon.jpg The Night Hunter Sentinel Icon
Tier 4 (120 points): 10 tokens
Tier 5 (150 points): 10 tokens
Tier 6 (180 points): 10 tokens
Tier 7 (210 points): Sentinel Vayne Emote.png Sentinel Vayne Emote
Noxus (Week 1) Tier 1 (65 points): 10 tokens
Tier 2 (135 points): The Exile Sentinel profileicon.jpg The Exile Sentinel Icon
Tier 3 (210 points): 10 tokens
Tier 4 (280 points): Sentinel Riven Emote.png Sentinel Riven Emote
Freljord (Week 1) Tier 1 (65 points): 10 tokens
Tier 2 (135 points): The Berserker Sentinel profileicon.jpg The Berserker Sentinel Icon
Tier 3 (210 points): 10 tokens
Tier 4 (280 points): Sentinel Olaf Emote.png Sentinel Olaf Emote
Targon (Week 2) Eternals Capsule
Tier 1 (250 points) A: 10 tokens
B: 20 tokens
Tier 2 (510 points): The Moon Sentinel profileicon.jpg The Moon Sentinel Icon
Tier 3 (830 points) A: 15 tokens
B: 20 tokens
Tier 4 (1050 points): Sentinel Diana Emote.png Sentinel Diana Emote
Ionia (Week 2) Tier 1 (250 points) A: 10 tokens
B: 20 tokens
Tier 2 (510 points): The Blade Dancer Sentinel profileicon.jpg The Blade Dancer Sentinel Icon
Tier 3 (830 points) A: 15 tokens
B: 20 tokens
Tier 4 (1050 points): Sentinel Irelia Emote.png Sentinel Irelia Emote
Piltover / Zaun (Week 3) Sentinels Orb
Tier 1 (650 points): The Outlaw Sentinel profileicon.jpg The Outlaw Sentinel Icon
Tier 2 (1220 points): 10 tokens
Tier 3 (1890 points): 15 tokens
Tier 4 (2500 points): Sentinel Graves Emote.png Sentinel Graves Emote
Ixtal (Week 3) Tier 1 (815 points): 10 tokens
Tier 2 (1520 points): The Pridestalker Sentinel profileicon.jpg The Pridestalker Sentinel Icon
Tier 3 (2045 points): 15 tokens
Tier 4 (2615 points): Sentinel Sentinel Rengar Emote.png Rengar Emote
Bilgewater (Week 3) Tier 1 (815 points): 10 tokens
Tier 2 (1520 points): 15 tokens
Tier 3 (2045 points): The Ripper Sentinel profileicon.jpg The Ripper Sentinel Icon
Tier 4 (2615 points): Sentinel Pyke Emote.png Sentinel Pyke Emote
Shurima (Week 4) The Rogue Sentinel profileicon.jpg The Rogue Sentinel Icon
Tier 1 (895 points): 10 tokens
Tier 2 (1790 points): 10 tokens
Tier 3 (2450 points): 10 tokens
Tier 4 (3000 points): Sentinel Akshan Emote.png Sentinel Akshan Emote
Shadow Isles (Week 4) Tier 1 (1050 points): 10 tokens
Tier 2 (1910 points): 10 tokens
Tier 3 (2610 points): 10 tokens
Tier 4 (3200 points): 25 tokens + Viego Undone Emote.png Viego Undone Emote


  • The Rookie Sentinel is a nameless and genderless player-self inserted character.
    • Due to being a self-inserted character, the Rookie Sentinel's dialogue options aren't considered canon however their larger story actions remain canonical.[3]


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