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For its successor, see Turbo Chemtank Turbo Chemtank.
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This article or section may contain obsolete information, but exists here for historical purposes.

  • This item has been removed on patch V10.23.

Righteous Glory was a legendary item in League of Legends icon League of Legends.


Righteous Glory item
Righteous Glory
2650 Gold 2650 (1100 Gold 1100)
Glacial Shroud item
900 Gold 900 (250 Gold 250)
Crystalline Bracer item
800 Gold 800 (100 Gold 100)

Cost Analysis

Gold Value

Gold value from active

Gold efficiency

  • Righteous Glory's Righteous Glory's base stats were 100.13% gold efficient.
  • While active, Righteous Glory Righteous Glory is 211.92% gold efficient.

Similar items


Righteous Glory screenshot

Item VFX

  • The proximity check increases in size if their users increase in size.


Demacia Crest icon

Patch History

V10.23 - Removed
  • Total cost increased to 2650 Gold 2650 from 2500 Gold 2500.
    • Combine cost increased to 1100 Gold 1100 from 950 Gold 950.
  • New Recipe: Glacial Shroud Glacial Shroud + Crystalline Bracer Crystalline Bracer + 950 Gold 950 = 2500 Gold 2500
  • Health reduced to 400 from 500.
  • Armor increased to 30 from 0.
  • Cooldown reduction increased to 10% from 0%.
  • Removed Passive: Eternity: 15% of damage taken from champions is gained as mana. Spending mana restores 20% of mana spent as health, up to 25 health per cast (Toggle spells heal for up to 25 per second).
  • New Effect: Active slowing nova now automatically triggers if an enemy champion is within close proximity.
  • Removed: Active slowing nova being triggered manually early.
  • New Effect: Tooltip now mentions number of takedowns enabled by the shockwave.
  • Bug Fix: Now properly grants movement speed when moving toward champion clones.
  • Mana into health reduced to 20% from 25%.
  • Total cost reduced to 2500 Gold 2500 from 2600 Gold 2600.
  • Grants Unique Passive - Eternity: 15% of damage taken from enemy champions is gained as Mana. 25% of Mana spent is gained as health, up to 25 health per spell cast or 25 health per second for toggled spells.
  • Removed: Active speeds up allies.
  • Active's movement speed increased to 75% from 60%.
  • Active's movement speed duration increased to 4 seconds from 3.
  • Active's Slow icon slow reduced to 75% from 80%.
  • Active's Slow icon slow duration increased to 2 seconds from 1.
  • Total cost increased to 2600 Gold 2600 from 2400 Gold 2400.
  • Total cost reduced to 2400 Gold 2400 from 2500 Gold 2500.
  • No longer grants Valor's Reward.
  • Unique Passive removed.
  • Health reduced to 500 from 600
  • Cooldown increased to 90 seconds from 60 seconds
  • Health reduced to 600 from 650.
  • Fixed a bug where you wouldn't get the active movement speed running towards turrets and capture points.
  • Health increased to 650 from 500.
V4.20 - Added
  • Recipe: Catalyst the Protector Catalyst the Protector + Crystalline Bracer Crystalline Bracer + 700 Gold 700 = 2500 Gold 2500.
  • +500 health, +300 mana, +100% base health regeneration
  • Active: ACTIVE Grants +60% Movement Speed to nearby allies when moving towards enemies or enemy turrets for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, a shockwave is emitted, slowing nearby enemy champion Movement Speed by 80% for 1 second. This effect may be reactivated early to instantly release the shockwave. (60s cooldown).


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