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Rift Herald is an unique creature of Voidborn shaped in the form of a Scuttle Crab that it consumed. It currently resides somewhere on Runeterra.


As a voidborn, it is made to adapt to its surroundings, consuming any life and adding its essence into its form. The rift herald at one point consumed a Scuttle Crab, taking some of the crabs physical features such as the back shell, mandible face area, as well as an affinity to watery areas. Unlike a scuttle crab, it is bipedal, with sharp claws for arms and a long barbed tail. Its body emanates a purple glow common among voidborn.

It is unclear if there are more than one examples of a rift herald on linkRuneterra Prime (Universe) Runeterra Prime, as such it should be considered as an endling sub-species of voidborn.


  • The Rift Herald is commonly referred to by her nickname "Shelly" by casters, and even by players. The second Herald, if it spawns, is sometimes called "Shirley".
  • The Rift Herald was given a retexture and features as a monster called "The Big One" in Legendary Guardian profileicon.png Invasion, a rotating game mode.
  • In Teamfight Tactics Sets 1, 2 and 4 the Rift Herald features as a PvE Round monster in Round 6–7.

The Demon Herald is an alternative skin for the Rift Herald (based on its skin before V7.9) in the Hunt of the Blood Moon mode released for the 2017 Lunar Revel. It spawns in the Dragon Dragon and Baron Baron pit.

  • It only uses basic attacks.
  • Killing it grants points.