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Ridgeback Mountains is a mountain range located in the northern part of the Freljord.


Champions of the Ridgeback Mountains

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  • Ruined Fortress Of The Iceborn
  • Vaults Of The Iceborn
  • Frost-Troll Village
  • Ghulfrost 1
  • Ghulfrost 2
  • Ornnkaal Rocks 1
  • Ornnkaal Rocks 2
  • Quchar
  • Vathcaer 1
  • Vathcaer 2
  • Vathcaer 3
  • Yadulsk 1
  • Yadulsk 2
  • Yeti's Vigil
  • The Harder Path
  • Frost-Troll Village: It is located on the Ridgeback Mountains of northern Freljord. It is the main settlement of the Frost-Trolls, currently ruled by Trundle OriginalSquare Trundle.
  • Frosthorn Peak: East peaks of the Ridgeback Mountains. Connects the Frostguard Citadel with the rest of the Freljord.
    • Fortress of the Iceborn: The ruined Fortress of the Iceborn houses a great vault full of ancient artifacts and fallen warriors.
  • Ghulfrost: Located on top of the ice cliffs of the Ridgeback Mountains, Ghulfrost is an unmarked cairn in the snow where Ashe OriginalSquare Ashe discover a legendary bow made entirely of True Ice buried in the rocks.
  • Ice Children Village: A farming village. Settlement of herders and warriors, rivals of the Avarosan tribe.
  • Ornnkaal Rocks: A coastal pilgrimage site visited by Sejuani and Ashe's tribes during the summers of their youth, with plentiful fishing and many fields for grazing animals.
  • Quchar: Home of the Ebrataal, a magic-less community who were the first to follow Ashe as the leader of the Avarosan tribe.
  • Vathcaer: An Avarosan settlement. It is the village where Ashe OriginalSquare Ashe grew up, previously controlled by her mother Grena.
  • Yadulsk: Winter's Claw village where Sejuani's mother Kalkia temporarily settled the tribe during her rule. Traditionally, Winter's Claw tribes relocate every winter, rebuilding their villages out of their ships and scavenged materials.
  • Yeti's Vigil: Ruins of the lost yeti civilization. Where dreams swirl in snow, an unlikely friendship was born. This is the location where Nunu OriginalSquare Nunu met and befriended Willump OriginalSquare Willump.


League of Legends- Freljord Theme (Full)

League of Legends- Freljord Theme (Full)

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Ashe Warmother Comic Series Preview

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