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(Trivia: Further discussion of Revive's interestingly gigantic cooldown timer.)
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== Trivia ==
== Trivia ==
* At 9 minutes, {{si|Revive}} has the longest [[cooldown]] of any and all effects within League of Legends.
* At 9 minutes, {{si|Revive}} has the longest [[cooldown]] of any spell or ability in League of Legends.
** This [[cooldown]] is one of the longest timed effects in the entirety of the game, second only to [[Baron Nashor|Baron Nashor's]] initial spawn timer of 15 minutes on Summoner's Rift.

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Revive is a 'Non-Target' Summoner spell that instantly brings a dead player back to life and gives them a moderate speed boost for a short duration. It becomes available for use only when the player's champion has been slain.


Revive Revive can make a slain champion's return to the fray much faster than if they had waited to respawn. This sudden burst of recovery from the grave can bolster a team with the stamina needed to turn the tide of battle.

On Summoner's Rift, Revive Revive's speed boost is powerful enough to allow players to intercept fights and objectives that are close to their home base. This effect is even more prominent on smaller maps like The Crystal Scar and Twisted Treeline, as it can allow a once-dead player to quickly approach almost any map objective with ease. Its long-distance mobility as a summoner spell is rivaled only by Summoner Teleport Teleport.

The bonus health granted from Revive Revive's companion mastery Summoner's Insight brings added weight to a champion's return, increasing Revive Revive's effectiveness for fighters, tanks, and aggressive assassins alike.

In later game phases, longer death timers serve to further increase the impact of this spell. For example, if a late-game team fight ends with multiple players on both sides dead, Revive Revive can greatly shift the balance of power toward the user's team for as much as 70 seconds or more.

While the effects of Revive Revive are dramatic and potentially game-altering, the spell has a very long cooldown timer. This challenges players to carefully coordinate the use of Revive with other high-profile game events like Turret fights and neutral monster objectives such as Baron Nashor.


  • Revive synergizes well with champions that have an 'on-death' innate like Karthus OriginalSquare Karthus and Kog'Maw OriginalSquare Kog'Maw.
  • Other movement speed and mobility effects can be combined with Revive Revive, allowing players to traverse even greater distances with breakneck speed and initiative.
    • The boots enchantment Enchantment- Homeguard item Homeguard pairs exceedingly well with Revive Revive, as a revived player will almost always trigger Enchantment- Homeguard item Homeguard's otherwise uncommon condition - being at the summoner's platform.


  • At 9 minutes, Revive Revive has the longest cooldown of any spell or ability in League of Legends.
    • This cooldown is one of the longest timed effects in the entirety of the game, second only to Baron Nashor's initial spawn timer of 15 minutes on Summoner's Rift.

Patch History


  • Now always increases your movement speed after reviving.
  • Improved Revive now grants bonus health after reviving instead of a temporary speed boost.


  • Health bonus upon reviving is now innate to the spell (as opposed to requiring Improved Revive).
  • Improved Revive now grants a 125% movement speed increase upon revival (Improved Revive no longer grants a 225% movement speed increase).


  • Revive Revive can be used without breaking stealth.


  • Now increases your movement speed by 225%, diminishing to normal over 12 seconds.


  • Now gives greatly increased movement speed after use.


  • Cooldown reduced to 510 seconds from 540 seconds.
  • Preservation (mastery):
    • Cooldown reduction increased to 30 seconds from 20 seconds.
    • Health increase duration increased to 120 seconds from 90 seconds.

June 26, 2009 Patch:

  • Preservation (mastery) – Reduces Revive Revive's cooldown by 20 seconds, and upon resurrection, the revived player has their health increased by 400 temporarily.

June 12, 2009 Patch:

  • Cooldown increased to 9 minutes from 8 minutes.

May 29, 2009 Patch:

  • Cooldown increased to 7 minutes from 5 minutes.

Alpha Week 4:

  • Cooldown reduced to 5 minutes from 8 minutes.
  • Fixed a tooltip error.


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