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  • The following table denotes what healing effects benefit from which healing modifiers, although note that the Revitalize column concerns only the 10% increase portion of the effect:
Type Heal and shield power icon.png Spirit Visage item.png Revitalize rune.png* Grievous Wounds icon.png
Health regeneration icon.png Health regeneration No Yes No Yes
Life steal icon.png Life steal No Yes Yes Yes
Omnivamp icon.png Omnivamp No Yes No Yes
Life steal icon.png Physical vamp No Yes No Yes
Ravenous Hunter rune.png Drain effects Yes Yes Yes Yes
Self heals Yes Yes Yes Yes
Self shields Yes Yes Yes No
Incoming heals No Yes Yes Yes
Incoming shields No Yes Yes No
Outgoing heals Yes No Yes No
Outgoing shields Yes No Yes No
Health icon.png Bonus health No No No No

  • Revitalize's bonus 10% Multiple stacking icon.png stacks multiplicatively with Heal and shield power icon.png Heal and Shield Power. This nets 15.5% bonus healing and shielding.
  • For outgoing heals and shields, it also Multiple stacking icon.png stacks multiplicatively with affected ally's Revitalize (10%) and Spirit Visage Spirit Visage (25%), granting them a total of 58.81% bonus healing and shielding.
  • The number of healing done by Revitalize in the stats will increase even if it doesn't grant any healing, for example when being at full health.


  • Revitalize combines the effects of the removed Season 2016 masteries,  Runic Armor and  Windspeaker's Blessing, including that both effects stack multiplicatively. Aside from the values, the only major difference is that this rune does not grant the target bonus resistances.

Patch History

  • Bug Fix: Now properly increases heals and shields you cast onto or receive from allies.
  • Undocumented: Rune panel now displays both bonus healing and bonus shielding instead of just healing.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where abilities that cost health to cast will cause its bonus healing amount in the rune panel to decrease.
  • New Effect: Incoming heals and shields are now increased by 10% while below 40% of your maximum health.
  • New Effect: Tooltip specifies that incoming heals from other allies are not increased.
V7.22 Added
  • Resolve icon.png Resolve Slot 3 rune.
    • Passive: Grants 5% Heal and shield power icon.png Heal and Shield Power.
    • Versus other targets below 40% health, your heals and shields are increased by an additional 10%.
    • While you are below 40% health, self healing and shielding is increased by 10%.