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This article or section contains spoilers for Ruined King. Your experience or enjoyment of Ruined King may be diminished if you are not already familiar with the subject matter.
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Possible Non-Canonical Representation
Because of multiple sources depicting the same events below differently, there can be some inconsistencies with the canonical turn of events.

The Return of the Ruined King is a recent historical event which refers to the return of Viego Viego and his defeat at the hand of the Sentinels of Light. This historical event starts with the death of Senna Senna and ends with Viego's defeat.


990 AN

After the invasion of Ionia, Riven Riven started working as an Ionian farmhand. After an unknown time, the local militia took notice of her and took her in for questioning. During her hearing it is revealed that she was the responsible for Elder Souma's death. While waiting for her sentence, she is confronted by Yasuo Yasuo, who had been listening to the hearing. In their scuffle, Yasuo realizes that she did not murder his master on purpose. She had asked his master to break her sword. And while Master Souma was able to break the sword, it had bursted into pieces, killing him in the process. After the truth is revealed, Riven's sentence is reduced to community service. Yasuo, cleared of his crimes but not of his guilt, continues to wander Ionia Crest icon.png Ionia

991 AN[1]

While scouring a forgotten vault for a cure to her curse, Senna Senna and Lucian Lucian were attacked by the sadistic Thresh Thresh. So close to finding answers about the Ruination and Senna's curse, Lucian refuses to turn back and attacks Thresh blindly. When the wraith gained the upper hand, Senna stepped into Thresh's path to protect her husband and had her soul sealed within Chain Warden's lantern.

993 AN[1]

Miss Fortune Miss Fortune concocts a plan to get rid of Gangplank Gangplank once and for all. She commissions Twisted Fate Twisted Fate to steal a magical dagger from Gangplank and then tips off his former partner, Graves Graves. The two start fighting across Bilgewater Crest icon.png Bilgewater, creating the perfect distraction for Fortune. Miss Fortune destroys most of the Jagged Hooks and Gangplank is believed to be dead. With Gangplank gone, a power vaccum forms and Bilgewater descends into chaos.

Graves Graves and Twisted Fate Twisted Fate reconcile and resolve to leave Bilgewater to start their partnership up anew. Their sights are set on Piltover Crest icon.png Piltover, where they start performing heists and commission a new gun for Graves called New Destiny.

Gangplank Gangplank is rescued by the Harsh Lesson HD.png Buhru and meets with Illaoi Illaoi for the first time in a long time. He begs for the aid of the Buhru in reclaiming Bilgewater and Illaoi subjects him to the test of Nagakaborous. Despite his withered state, he is found worthy and Illaoi pledges the support of Buhru. Following his meeting with Illaoi, the Buhru nurse Gangplank back to health and acquire him a new prosthetic arm.

Six months after Gangplank's Gangplank's defeat, Miss Fortune Miss Fortune eliminates several corrupt leaders of Bilgewater Crest icon.png Bilgewater


994 AN[1]

Shadows and Fortune

A Harrowing sweeps over Bilgewater with Hecarim Hecarim and Thresh Thresh leading the charge. Lucian Lucian, Olaf Olaf and Miss Fortune Miss Fortune are brought together by circumstance and fight the Harrowing in their own ways. Illaoi Illaoi manages to perform a ritual to invoke Nagakabouros Nagakabouros, which showers Bilgewater in the goddess's light and repels the Harrowing. The ritual cleanses Grey Harbor and frees many of the souls trapped by the Black Mist. During the battle, Lucian confronts Thresh for the first time since Senna Senna death and learns that her soul is imprisoned within his lantern. Lucian is now determined to save her and destroy the Black Mist once and for all.

After the Harrowing ends, Miss Fortune Miss Fortune resolves to clean up Bilgewater and unite the city under her rule. Illaoi Illaoi hopes to fix Bilgewater and hopes to work with both Miss Fortune}} and Gangplank Gangplank to achieve this. Failing to die, Olaf Olaf returns to the Freljord Crest icon.png Freljord. Shortly after Pyke Pyke returns to Bilgewater as the Bloodharbor Ripper.

995 AN

After aiding Venaru villagers ravaged by a Harrowing, Lucian Lucian decides to stop chasing the Black Mist across Runeterra and go directly to the Shadow Isles Crest icon.png Shadow Isles to save Senna. Having travelled to the heart of the Isles, Lucian battles Thresh Thresh and frees Senna's Senna's soul from his lantern. Senna reconstitutes as a wraith and saves Lucian with her new relic cannon. Thresh escapes the encounter after his lantern repairs itself.

996 AN[1]

Less then a year after releasing Senna Senna from Thresh's Thresh's lanteren, Lucian Lucian and Senna fight a Harrowing in Ionia Crest icon.png Ionia where Senna realizes the Ruined King Ruined King is beginning to awake.

Graves Graves and Twisted Fate Twisted Fate return to Bilgewater for another heist, during which, they earn the ire of a sea witch. The sea witch captures Miss Fortune's Miss Fortune's quartermaster and strikes a deal with her, her quartermaster for Graves and Twisted Fate. Twisted Fate gets captured by Miss Fortune and is kept at one of the Slaughter Docks hangars. Graves attempts to rescue him from Fortune, before they both get outwitted by her. After Miss Fortune gets her quartermaster her quartermaster back, she slips Twisted Fate a red card, allowing both mercenaries to escape.

LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png6 Arrel, LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png2 Tifalenji, LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png5 Marit, along with their blade squire LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png1 Erath embark for Ionian Fae'lor on the ship called the Atoniad. They meet up with fellow battle sister LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png4 Teneff, before heading off to search for their former battle sister, Riven Riven, who is in self-imposed exile in Ionia. Riven travels with her adoptive father Asa and a merchant named Muramaat to the nearest marketplace. Riven protects the camp from a bandit attack without killing anyone, which gains the respect of Muramaat, who then examines her sword and states that someone is tracking her through the sword. The Noxian warband encounter multiple challenges from the land. On their path, they encounter Erath's father who had been thought to be dead. They later find an old battle field and are attacked by the Navori Brotherhood, causing them to think Erath's father betrayed them. The huntresses find Riven and she explains to her former comrades why she abandoned Noxus. Tifalenji reveals that she came to reclaim the rune blade and threatens to kill Asa if Riven doesn't hand it over. Arrel and Teneff object to the runesmith's plan, but Marit sides with her. Riven duels Marit for the blade and Marit dies in the ensuing fight. Tifalenji threatens to kill them all but is stabbed by Erath. Teneff takes her fallen comrades' back to Noxus, with Riven in tow, choosing to accept her fate and receive justice in Noxus. Arrel heads off on her own, while Erath goes to find his dad. He finds his father dead and learns that the Brotherhood killed him when he wouldn't give up their location. Despite an offer to stay, Erath decides to take his father's body home. Riven is extradited to Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus and is sentenced to life fighting in the Noxus Crest icon.png Fleshing Arena.[2]

Years after the Noxian Invasion of Ionia, a family finally has a chance to celebrate the Spirit Blossom Festival, while Noxian ships scout the areas around Weh'le, preparing for another invasion. Here, Ahri Ahri tries to find a guard for her journey to Bilgewater Crest icon.png Bilgewater. Meanwhile, Yasuo Yasuo travels on the Noxian road towards Weh'le where he encounters Teo and Joab, two brothers that need some assistance getting a kite down from a tree. Once Yasuo arrives in Weh'le, he encounters a monk who offers to help him commune with the spirits. The monk is revealed to be an azakana and wants to feed on Yasuo's guilt. The azakana is interrupted by a masked swordsman masked swordsman, but Yasuo defends him, not realizing he is a demon. Yasuo realizes the swordsman is his brother, returned from the dead, and aids him in defeating the demon. Forced to confront his past, Yasuo makes peace with Yone and is ready to move on. Later, he accompanies Ahri to Bilgewater Crest icon.png Bilgewater as her bodyguard.

The Crew of the Charming Lady

A village in the Freljord Crest icon.png Freljord is plagued by a terrible sickness. Braum Braum sets out to the Shadow Isles Crest icon.png Shadow Isles in order to find the Blessed Waters, said to cure any illness. As Braum nears the Isles, he is attacked by the Black Mist, sinking his boat and losing his shield in the process. After gaining control of most of Bilgewater Crest icon.png Bilgewater, Miss Fortune Miss Fortune and Rafen Rafen meet with Captian Thorne to gain further control of the city via diplomatic means. Negotiations fail between Fortune and Thorne and results in a fight between the two, Fortune ends up executing Thorne and assimilating his crew. Later that night, The Black Mist attacks Fortune's Estate, killing multiple members of Miss Fortune's crew and severly wounding Rafen Rafen. In light of this event, Miss Fortune requests an audience with Illaoi Illaoi, fearing another harrowing is imminent. Nagakabouros Nagakabouros shows Illaoi a vision of the Blood Harbor Ripper Blood Harbor Ripper and interprets it as a sign to stop him. Illaoi tracks him down to the Warrens and subjects him to Nagakaborous' test. To her disbelief, the goddess finds him worthy and he escapes. She then experiences another vision, seeing a great test coming, involving Gangplank Gangplank and Miss Fortune. Braum washes ashore near Bilgewater Crest icon.png Bilgewater and is nursed back to health by the Harsh Lesson HD.png Buhru and meets with their Truth Bearer, Illaoi. Illaoi and Braum are intercepted by members of Miss Fortune's crew and go to meet with her at her estate. Fortune explains the events of the previous night and requests they investigate Grey Harbor, while she prepares for the possibility of another harrowing.

As part of his deal with Thresh Thresh, Gangplank Gangplank raids a Buhru temple and gathers artifacts that can fend off The Black Mist. Yasuo Yasuo and Ahri Ahri soon arrive at Bilgewater Crest icon.png Bilgewater, where Ahri hopes to learn more about her people. They head to one of the city's black markets and ask a merchant if he has any Vesani artifacts for sale. Ahri charms him into revealing that he sold a sunstone to Malik of the Dead Man's Plate item.png Jagged Hooks and that he was headed for Grey Harbor. Later that night, Ahri has a nightmare about how she drained her lover and sneaks off to Grey Harbor alone, fearing she may do the same to Yasuo. Yasuo shortly wakes up and pursues her, not wanting to fail his mission again. He encounters Braum Braum and Illaoi Illaoi at the entrance of Grey Harbor and they agree to venture on together. Within Grey Harbor, they find the Jagged Hooks' hideout and investigate. There they learn that Ahri had passed through and was following Gangplank to the Shadow Isles, having took the sunstone. After dispatching members of the Jagged Hook and wraiths alike, they push towards an abandoned Harsh Lesson HD.png Buhru temple. After arriving at the temple, they defeat the false goddess, Xa'tal, and cleanse it of her influence. After cleansing the temple, a Buhru ancestor appears and reveals that Gangplank was the one who ransacked the temple and has allied himself with the Shadow Isles Crest icon.png Shadow Isles. Meanwhile, Gangplank meets with Thresh and informs him that he has procured the artifacts and has hidden queen Isolde's crown within Bilgewater. They then prepare to return the Shadow Isles and begin the ritual to awaken the Ruined King Ruined King. The crew returns to Fortune's Estate and debrief her on the situtation. Illaoi reveals that Gangplank is still alive, but withholds the fact that she aided him. Fortune agrees to grant them access to her ship and joins them to put an end to Gangplank's life. After searching for members of Fortune's crew, they take a ship that Braum dubs the Charming Lady and set sail for the Shadow Isles Crest icon.png Shadow Isles. During the voyage, the crew is besieged by a giant sea monster and are saved by Pyke Pyke. He reveals that Nagakaborous has pacified the voices in his head and that Gangplank is on his list. Seeing that their goals align, he joins them on their voyage.

After arriving on the Shadow Isles Crest icon.png Shadow Isles, the crew search for Ahri Ahri in a grove. They instead find Maokai Maokai, who mistakes them for enemies, and engage in combat until they are stopped by Ahri Ahri. Maokai reveals that the path to Thresh Thresh sanctum is blocked by walls of Black Mist and offers to destroy it, if they can cleanse his roots. The crew follows Ahri to the Shadow Vault and cleanse Maokai's roots after defeating the evil corrupting them. Unfortunately, Maokai remains too weak to tear down the walls, but gives them a seed to get the blessing of Nagakaborous in order to rejuvenate him. They head to ancient Buhru Temple beneath the ocean and bless Maokai's seed. Reinvigorated, Maokai destroys the Black Mist standing in their way and gives Braum Braum his leaves to cure his people. On the path to Thresh's sanctum, the crew meet a calm Mistwalker named Necrit Necrit, the former royal advisor to the Ruined King Ruined King. The crew battles and defeats Thresh Thresh in his sanctum, but he escapes after completing the ritual to revive Viego, the Ruined King. The crew heads to the heart of the Shadow Isles and finds Gangplank Gangplank just as he gets possesed by Viego Viego. The crew fights a possesed Gangplank and defeat him, only for Viego to escape to Bilgewater Crest icon.png Bilgewater to search his queen. Through the Black Mist, Ahri Ahri was able to see Viego's memories. She learns that the pure love he had for Isolde Isolde was a lie. In truth, their relationship was imperfect and his love turned into obsession when she passed. The crew then pursues Viego by ship.

Illaoi Illaoi persuades Gangplank Gangplank to help them defeat Viego Viego. He reveals that the necklace around his neck is able to control the Black Mist, but the person's will has to be strong enough to wield it. However, the amulet was corrupted during the battle. He also mentions that Thresh Thresh knew a fatal secret that could stop Viego Viego, but he never told him. Illaoi deduces that it was the memories that Ahri discovered in the Black Mist and plans on giving amulet to Miss Fortune Miss Fortune. As the ship catches up to the Ruined King, he sends massive winds towards the Charming Lady, shipwrecking them on a nearby island. As the crew wait for the ship to be repaired, Yasuo Yasuo senses a mysterious wind on the island and decides to explore the island. He encounters shadows of his past and faces off against a shadow of brother brother. After defeating the shadow, instead of killing his brother, he lets him live. Yasuo comes to terms with his past and accepts the mistakes he has made and the mistakes of others, finally able to move on. After fixing the Charming Lady, the crew beats Viego back to Bilgewater. Illaoi consults the Buhru on fixing the amulet, while Fortune and the others prepare for Viego's arrival. The Buhru refuse to help Illaoi find the Buhru Forge to fix the amulet, so they seek out Necrit Necrit instead. Necrit guides them to the Vault of the Vesani, where the entrance to the forge can be found. Ahri Ahri discovers that her ancestors lived on the Blessed Isles as scholars, researching their powers and the Hallowed Mist. They learned how to channel memories and the soul into a sunstone and used them enchant golems. At the forge, they purify the amulet after being tested by an Avatar of Nagakabouros Nagakabouros. Illaoi reveals to Sarah that she saved Gangplank and wishes to put their past behind them. The crew returns to Bilgewater and fights their final battle against Viego. Ahri weakens the Ruined King with his own memories and Miss Fortune seals him within the amulet, however Miss Fortune is tempted by Viego's offer of power. During the battle, Gangplank escapes from prison, much to Miss Fortune's dismay.

After the battle the crew disbands and each member goes their own way. Yasuo Yasuo escorts Braum Braum back to the Freljord Crest icon.png Freljord, before heading to Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus. Ahri Ahri remains near the Shadow Isles Crest icon.png Shadow Isles, wanting to learn more of her ancestors. Pyke Pyke returns to the deep, still afflicted by Nagakabouros Nagakabouros, and now Viego Viego is on his list. As a result of Gangplank's Gangplank's escape and Viego's Viego's influence on her, Sarah Sarah starts ruling Bilgewater Crest icon.png Bilgewater with an iron fist and enters a gang war against Gangplank's allies. Illaoi Illaoi takes the amulet with Viego Viego for safe keeping but he eventually escapes.

997 AN[1]

Senna Senna has a feeling that she must head towards Bilgewater Crest icon.png Bilgewater and informs Lucian Lucian. She is then struck by dark lightning and falls unconscious. She wakes up to a soul that explains her curse and warns her about the threat of the Ruined King Ruined King. After waking up, Lucian and Senna sail on for Bilgewater. Viego catches up to them in Holdrum and unleashes harrowings across Runeterra. Despite their efforts to repel his attack, Viego pries a portion of the soul within Senna, but the couple manages to escape. During this time, Darius Darius gets possessed by the mist and fights Samira Samira in Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus, Karma Karma repels a black mist attack in Ionia Crest icon.png Ionia, and Vayne Vayne and Poppy Poppy defend a Demacian city. They would later find something connected to the Sentinels of Light Crest icon.svg Sentinels of Light. Because of Viego's Viego's return, Gwen Gwen is brought to life.[3]

New Generation of Sentinels fighting the Undead

Lucian Lucian and Senna Senna discover a way to follow the mist by using the worldstone located in the Sentinel HQ. The Sentinels of Light Crest icon.svg Sentinels of Light travel from Demacia Crest icon.png Demacia, to Freljord Crest icon.png Freljord, Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus, Ionia Crest icon.png Ionia, Targon Crest icon.png Targon, Piltover Crest icon.png Piltover & Zaun Crest icon.png Zaun, Ixtal Crest icon.png Ixtal, Bilgewater Crest icon.png Bilgewater, Shurima Crest icon.png Shurima and then the Shadow Isles Crest icon.png Shadow Isles. The Black Mist keeps attacking over the world. Multiple people get lost in Ruination, including Shyvana Shyvana, Draven Draven, Karma Karma, Pantheon Pantheon and Miss Fortune Miss Fortune.[4] To fight off the threats of the Ruination, the Sentinels recruit new members, which include Vayne Vayne, Olaf Olaf, Riven Riven, Irelia Irelia, Diana Diana, Graves Graves, Rengar Rengar, and Pyke Pyke.

Searching for more recruits in Shurima Crest icon.png Shurima, Lucian meets up with Sentinel Akshan Akshan who is able to revive people from death by killing the person who murdered them. After some consideration, he joins the fight against Viego Viego. Viego Viego, with the help of Vex Vex and Thresh Thresh, manages to collect most of the pieces of Isolde's Isolde's soul. The Sentinels of Light Crest icon.svg Sentinels of Light arrive at the Shadow Isles Crest icon.png Shadow Isles where with the help of Yorick Yorick they are able to withstand the effects of the Mist and travel safely into the center of the Isles. Yorick's maiden also joins the group. Sentinels combat the undead forces, however both Senna, Gwen, and the Maiden are captured by Viego and with the aid of Vex open up a portal to Camavor Crest icon.png Camavor. Senna Senna, Gwen Gwen, and the Maiden die when the pieces of Isolde's Isolde's soul get ripped from their bodies. With all the pieces together Isolde finally forms back as an entity. Akshan Akshan uses his reviving weapon to finish off Isolde Isolde, finally killing her. This revives Senna Senna, Gwen Gwen and The Maiden while Viego Viego looses his powers over the Black Mist. While weakened the Sentinels of Light Crest icon.svg Sentinels of Light finish him off, with Gwen Gwen imprisoning him on Camavor Crest icon.png Camavor in needles and threads made from the Hallowed Mist. Akshan Akshan, Gwen Gwen, Senna Senna and the Maiden get safely back to the Isles by the help of Vex Vex.

Everyone who gave in to Ruin turns back to normal. Atreus Atreus regains control of his body from the Aspect of War. Every recently recruited Sentinel lays down their Sentinel weapons and cloaks to return to their regular lives, besides Vayne Vayne who decides to stay as the main Sentinel of Demacia Crest icon.png Demacia. However, with Viego Viego gone, Thresh Thresh takes control over the Black Mist as well be unbound from the Shadow Isles Crest icon.png Shadow Isles and start a new wave of mayhem across Runeterra Crest icon.png Runeterra. Thresh Thresh travels to Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus where he starts collecting souls of every person in a Noxian inn.