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"It is just as the spies described."

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Chross (Universe)Chross (Universe)

"Sludgerunners merge chemical warfare and technology, supplying the Undercity with the most advanced methods for any mayhem money can buy. Our signature Chemical compositions possess effects ranging from incapacitating to fatal. Our Chemtech makes wiping out any adversary a toxin-filled breeze."
Renni's Renni's Sludgerunners advertisement, Enter The Undercity

Renni is a chem-baroness and the boss of the Sludgerunners Crest icon.png Sludgerunners.


Early Life

After Silco Silco took over Zaun Crest icon.png Zaun, Renni made a name for herself as the boss of the Sludgerunners, an illicit enterprise that specialized in the production of chemtech, and became affiliated with several other crime lords who were also loyal to Silco, creating the first generation of chem-barons. At some point she would also have a son and undergo chemical modification, which permanently affixed green tubes to her nose.[1]

In Plain Sight

Renni's side of their businesses involved abducting Zaunite children to experiment on. When an enforcer happened upon one of their laboratories, the enforcers were able to interrogate one of their victims and was able to at least identify the person running things as a woman who wore a suit. At least one found evidence at the scene—an experimental suit suit—had her name on it as the intended user. Marcus Marcus, due to the then Captain of the enforcers' partnership with Silco, was able to halt the release of information and further investigation on her illicit activities. Another enforcer, Caitlyn Kiramman Caitlyn Kiramman, found the records of this and kept it as part of an ongoing investigation on the underground's then unknown ruler the underground's then unknown ruler and his mole mole in Piltover.[2]

Border Crisis

After the actions of Jinx Jinx, Silco's adoptive daughter, led Jayce Jayce to shut down the border between Zaun and Piltover Crest icon.png Piltover, trade between the two cities came to a sudden halt, causing Renni's criminal ventures to lose massive profits. Frustrated by the fact that Silco was doing nothing to keep Jinx under control, Renni and the other chem-barons scheduled an assembly to discuss their next move, in which Finn Finn attempted to convince her to join him in a coup against Silco. However, before she could give him an answer, Silco arrived on the scene and unleashed a toxic gas in the air to remind the barons of the oppressive life that he had saved them from, which was enough to convince Renni to fall back in line.[1]

Factory Raid

"You gonna do anything about that piece of shit that murdered my boy?"
Renni Renni to Silco Silco, 'The Monster You Created'

During an unexpected raid on one of her shimmer factories, Renni's son, who was working at the factory at the time and had been the one to sound the alarms, was accidentally killed by Jayce Talis Jayce Talis.[3] When Renni arrived, she tearfully mourned her son and demanded justice from Silco. However, when Silco made it clear that he was not going to retaliate and told her that her son had died fighting for the cause, she called him out for the hypocrisy, as he clearly was not willing to sacrifice his daughter for the cause.

Failed Coup

Silco's refusal to get justice for her son's death led Renni to lose faith in his leadership and ally herself with Finn, who already had plans to overthrow Silco and take control of the undercity in his place. The two of them confronted Silco in his office alongside Sevika Sevika, who they believed to be on their side. However, they realized too late that they were mistaken, as Sevika slit Finn's throat with her sword, splattering Renni with his blood and killing him on the spot.

Disgusted by Renni's betrayal, Silco coldly stated that had her son still been alive, he would have him killed for what she did. Despite this, he still allowed her to leave the room alive.[4]





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  • Renni's leadership over the Sludgerunners was first revealed in the Enter the Undercity live event, which was tied to the larger Undercity Nights event.[5][6]



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