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Renata Glasc OriginalCentered.jpg
Renata Glasc
Renata Glasc (Universe)Renata Glasc (Universe)
Renata Glasc (League of Legends)Renata Glasc (League of Legends)
Renata Glasc (Esports)Renata Glasc (Esports)
Renata Glasc (Teamfight Tactics)Renata Glasc (Teamfight Tactics)
Renata Glasc (Development)Renata Glasc (Development)
Renata Glasc (Trivia)Renata Glasc (Trivia)


Chemtech Chemtech
Renata Glasc OriginalSquare.png
Singed OriginalSquare.png
Tryndamere ChemtechSquare.png
Twitch OriginalSquare.png
Viktor OriginalSquare.png
Warwick OriginalSquare.png
Zac OriginalSquare.png
Chemtech Emblem TFT item.png
Scholar Scholar
Kassadin OriginalSquare old3.png
Renata Glasc OriginalSquare.png
Silco OriginalSquare.png
Syndra WitheredRoseSquare.png
Zyra CrimeCityNightmareSquare.png
Scholar Emblem TFT item.png


  • If Renata Glasc dies, her poison damage is cleansed but the attack speed slow persists for the remaining duration.[1]


  • Although she uses the same animation and icon as League of Legends icon.png League of Legends' ultimate ability Hostile Takeover Hostile Takeover, her ability is unique to Teamfight Tactics, which was renamed as Toxic Wave.

Patch History

  • Ability damage increased to 50 / 75 / 250 from 40 / 65 / 240.
  • Ability attack speed slow increased to 20% from 15%.
  • Ability damage increased to 40 / 65 / 240 from 40 / 65 / 220.
  • Bug Fix: Poison damage is now properly removed upon death.
  • Ability damage reduced to 40 / 65 / 220 from 45 / 70 / 240.
V12.4 - February 22nd Hotfix
  • Ability damage reduced to 45 / 70 / 240 from 55 / 85 / 255.
V12.4 - Added
  • Original Renata Glasc Original Renata Glasc
    • Tier 4 Chemtech Chemtech Scholar Scholar.
    • Renata Glasc Hostile Takeover.png Active - Toxic Wave: Unleashes a toxic poison wave towards the largest group of nearby enemies in 6 hexes, poisoning all enemies caught in its path for 15 seconds. Poisoned enemies suffer 15% reduced attack speed and take 55 / 85 / 255 (× Ability power icon.png AP) magic damage per second. Damage dealt by the poison can stack.