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{{defense tree}}[[File:Reinforce.png|left]]''' Reinforce''' is a fifth tier defense [[mastery]] with 1 rank.
#REDIRECT [[Reinforce]]
== Effect per rank ==
* Your {{si|Fortify}} and [[File:Garrison.png||20px]] [[Garrison]] [[Spell]]s causes your turrets to deal 50% splash damage.
== Requirements ==
* Requires 16 Points in Defense.
== Notes ==
* If an enemy champion is killed by the tower while your {{si|Fortify}} is active, you will get credit for the kill even if you did not personally damage the enemy.
* Taking Reinforce to boost tower damage is useful for getting kills with champions capable of taunting enemies.
[[Category:Defensive masteries]]
[[Category:Defensive masteries]]
[[Category:Season One masteries]]

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