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For the item in League of Legends, see Redemption Redemption.
For the Shadow equivalent of the item, see Sacrificial Redemption Sacrificial Redemption.
For the Radiant equivalent of the item, see Radiant Redemption Radiant Redemption.

Patch History

V12.9 - May 13th Hotfix
  • Removed: Damage reduction no longer stacks with other Redemptions.
  • Heal reduced to 18% missing health from 20%.
  • Damage reduction reduced to 25% from 30%.
  • Heal reduced to 20% missing health from 25%.
  • Bug Fix: Healing now shows up on the Shields & Healing combat recap.
  • Updated item icon.
  • Health reduced to 150 from 200.
  • New Effect: Every 5 seconds, the wearer radiates an aura to allies within 1 hex, healing them for 25% missing health. Affected allies take 30% reduced damage from area-of-effect attacks for 5 seconds.
  • Old Effect: On death heals all allies for 800 health. This effect can trigger once per combat.
  • Starting mana reduced to 15 from 20.
  • New Effect: Now triggers when upon death, rather than reaching 30% of maximum health.
  • Heal reduced to 800 from 1200.
  • Healing area changed to whole ally team from 3-hex radius area.
  • Removed: No longer has a 2.5 second delay.
  • Health threshold increased to 30% of maximum health from 25%.
  • Heal reduced to 1200 from 1500.
  • Heal increased to 1500 from 1000.
  • Bug Fix: Now properly heals Rek'Sai Rek'Sai while burrowed.
  • Bug Fix: Now properly heals 1000 health.
  • New Effect: Now triggers when reaching 25% of maximum health, rather than upon death.
  • Removed: No longer damages enemies.
V9.13 - Added
  • Redemption Redemption
    • Stats: 20 starting mana and 200 health.
    • Passive: On death, after a small delay, heal nearby allies for 1000 health.
    • Recipe: Tear of the Goddess Tear of the Goddess + Giant's Belt Giant's Belt.