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"I'll scout ahead!"
This article documents a current event. Information may change rapidly as the event progresses. Because of this page's ever-changing nature, the events below are written in bulletpoints.

Recent History refers roughly to the last decade of the tenth century after the founding of Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus, in which most of the canon stories take place. Year 997 AN has been widely accepted as the present year within the linkRuneterra Prime (Universe) Runeterra Prime universe.[1]

Because the last decade has plethora of history happen all at once, a lot of their chronology are disputed. In order to make this page more coherent Recent History has been divided into several simultaneously occurring Sub Events:


991 AN
  • Akali Akali formally entered her Kinkou training, determined to succeed her mother as the new Fist of Shadow.
  • Events of Frozen Hearts
    • Nunu Nunu got a flute from his mother Layka, so he could learn to play her melodies himself. In the safety of their cart, the two bundled together and followed the knotted string that served as Layka's heart-song, recording everywhere they'd been together, as the years came and went.
    • When the caravan was attacked by raiders, Nunu was separated from his mother. Dragged to safety by a band of Freljord Frostguard.png Frostguard, the surviving Notai children were taken to the Foundling Village near their towering Frostguard Citadel. Nunu was left to wonder what happened to Layka, waiting to hear her songs on the wind.
  • The secessionist uprising of Rokrund Plains.
993 AN - 994 AN
995 AN
  • Events of Paint the Town.
    • Ziggs Ziggs leaves Piltover to live in Zaun with Jinx Jinx after a night of causing havoc.
  • Events of Bombs: A Tribute.
    • Ziggs Ziggs starts his quest to blow things up.
  • Events of Annie: Origins.
    • Annie Annie unlocks her powers.
    • Annie and Daisy play in the woods. She is unable to save Daisy after she slips in a river.
      • Death of Daisy Hastur.
    • Arriving home, Annie is confined in her room. Engulfed in sadness, Annie doesn't realize her mental state caused a fire, burning down the entire house. Gregori dies saving Annie.
      • Death of Gregori Hastur.
    • Leanna blames Annie for everything and attempts to rip apart Tibbers. Annie's inner rage manifests outwards and transforms Tibbers.
      • Tibbers Tibbers awakened.
      • Death of Leanna Hastur.
  • Events of The Axiomata.
    • Aliay Qunlan becomes a Yun Tal and sees the world outside through The Vidalion. A day after his ceremony he meets Qiyana Qiyana and the two bond with their ideal to change Ixtal.
  • Heimerdinger Heimerdinger becomes an acclaimed professor of Piltover university.
996 AN
  • Events of Orchid's Bloom.
  • Events of Progress Day.
    • Caitlyn Caitlyn sniffs out potential Noxian spies in Piltover, and manages to out one named Tamara, deporting her to Bel'Zhun with discretion. Another, Colette, manages to infiltrate Clan Medarda's ranks. Vi began the process of interrogating a prisoner in relation to the spies, though whether she discovered anything about the second spy is unknown.
  • Events of Blood of Noxus.
    • Battle of Basilich.
    • Darius Darius, Draven Draven, and Tamara lay siege on the city of Basilich.
    • Draven Draven storms the walls, nearly dying in the process.
    • Darius Darius and Draven Draven confront Quiletta Varn, but she is double-crossed by her second-in-command Invetia Varn.
    • City of Basilich is retaken by Noxus.
  • Events of The Whispering Doodad.
    • While heading back from Basilich to Noxus Prime, Draven Draven and Tamara fought and later fled from Lulu Lulu and Tristana Tristana who were guarding a Bandlewood in the area.
  • Noxus obtains Piltover's Clan Medarda's trading map.
    • Nami Nami becomes the Tidecaller and ascends to the surface world to track down the Aspect of the Moon.
  • Events of The Principles of Strength.
    • The Delverhold strengthens its ties with Noxus. Alyssa Roshka Gloriana val-Lokan becomes its leader.
  • Events of Stains on a Name.
    • A decade after the Battle of the Placidium, Ionia honors the young woman young woman who inspired a revolution.
  • Events of Breach and The Girl Who Came Back.
    • Kai'Sa Kai'Sa decides to give up her life of self-isolation in the Great Sai's underground and live on the surface again.
  • Events of The Dreaming Pool.
    • Syndra Syndra is freed from her prison inside Dael'eh Ahira, Fae'lor of Ionia.
    • Death of Okin.
    • Fae'lor ruined castle is lifted by Syndra Syndra into the sky and transported northwards to an unknown location.
    • The destruction of Fae'lor Noxian fortification had caused the Noxians to mobilize their armies for an eventual second invasion of Ionia.
  • Events of The Blade of Millenia.

The Man with the Steel Cane

  • Events of Zed.
    • Events of The Man with the Steel Cane.
      • Jhin Jhin is released from his prison and is trying to lure Zed Zed and Shen Shen for his performance before going on an assassination mission in Zaun for the Ionian government.
      • Shen Shen (accompanied temporarily with Akali Akali) track Jhin Jhin and Shen Shen down and finish them.
      • Jhin Jhin, Shen Shen and Zed Zed clash in Nanthee. Jhin escapes Ionia by the use of bombs and catches as ship heading for Piltover. Shen is able to beat Zed and take him as a prisoner. Kayn Kayn watching the capture from afar refuses to save Zed, titling himself as the new Master of the Shadow Order.
    • Jhin Jhin travels to Piltover Crest icon.png Piltover while being tracked down by Akali Akali.
    • Event of Awaken.
      • After Jhin Jhin kills members of several merchant clans selling weapons to Ionia, Clan Ferros and Camille Camille try to deal with him in a Zaun Crest icon.png Zaunite theatre. What happens after the fight is unclear other than the fact that Jhin Jhin has gotten away from Camille Camille and set multiple traps in side the theater which he has taken hold of.
    • Shen Shen releases Zed Zed and they travel to Piltover Crest icon.png Piltover together to find Akali Akali and Jhin Jhin.
    • Akali Akali gets captured by Jhin Jhin. Not soon after, Zed and Shen arrive at Akali's location where they battle with Jhin. They were able to overpower Jhin and successfully re-capture him, with Jhin slipping hinting towards who released him from his imprisonment to begin with.
    • Zed returns to Zhyun to confront Kusho, who staged his death during the Noxian invasion and has later become the leader of the Serrated Dirk item.png Navori Brotherhood. Kusho reveals that he was the one who released Jhin from prison, which enraged Zed. Kusho tried to pit Kayn against Zed, but after Kayn affirmed his loyalty to Zed, Kusho drinks the Tears of Shadows to empower himself. After a quick battle, Zed kills Master Kusho.
    • With the help of Kayn Kayn and his loyal students', Zed is able to retake his position as the Master of the Shadow Order, killing the disloyal followers in the process.
  • Events of Meet Zoe.
    • Coming back to Runeterra after millennia, a misunderstanding with a town's citizens leads local soldiers to try to banishing Zoe Zoe only to be met with a meteor summoned by her, the resulting crater would lead mortals to discover a World Rune nearby.
  • Rell Rell escapes the Black Rose academy in search of her friends and foes.
  • Death of Shava, Riven's Riven's adoptive mother.
  • Events of Monstrous.
  • Events of A Piece of Shadow Cake.
  • Events of Child of Zaun
    • Vi Vi and Caitlyn Caitlyn manage to stop Urgot's Urgot's turmoil and catch him, putting him in an isolated island prison despite Vi's Vi's original wish to kill him.
  • Events of Daredevil Impulse
    • Samira Samira gets her new guns from Lani and Miel and gains an interest in finding Rell Rell.
997 AN
  • Events of Warriors.
    • Ezreal Ezreal raids a Shuriman tomb to obtain the Tear of the Goddess Tear of the Goddess. Tomb traps awaken voidlings that charge towards Ezreal. Kai'Sa Kai'Sa steps in to save Ezreal. After brief hesitation, Ezreal joins Kai'Sa in fighting off the voidborn.
    • Caitlyn Caitlyn and Vi Vi are unable to prevent Zaunite criminals from releasing Urgot Urgot. Vi's gauntlets get damaged but both her and Caitlyn eventually manage to defeat Urgot.
  • Events of Dead of Winter.
    • Olaf Olaf returns to the Winter's Claw to find Sejuani Sejuani and their comrades hunting a Mammoth near the Ursine's lands. They come home empty-handed and devastated by the death of some of their warriors. Left with little food for the tribe and no clue to what to do next, the warmother talks to Kriek, a man that the tribe leave as a prisoner with no food, who claims he needs no nourishment since he ate from the Great Cauldron of Ornn Ornn. Later that evening, Sejuani Sejuani decides to hunt for the lost artifact.
    • During the events of The Call, Olaf and Sejuani war with the Ursine in search of the Great Cauldron of Ornn Ornn, when Volibear manifests himself during the battle and blesses his followers.
  • Events of In Battle, Broken.
    • Atreus Atreus returns to Targon Crest icon.png Mount Targon after the events of Ruination, hurt and exhausted and is found by LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png3 Iula. He slept for four days and after waking up, Atreus started demonstrating post-traumatic stress. He explained the events related to Atreus Atreus and expressed his wishes to stop fighting. Iula became enraged, remembering what her husband sacrificed for him, explained the war the Solari are raging upon the tribes of Targon and told him to use his power to defend this world from the inhuman beings that threaten it.
    • During the events of The Call, Atreus Atreus faces Leona Leona and the Solari on a celestial temple on the Upper Slopes of Targon Crest icon.png Mount Targon.
  • Events of Hollowspun.
  • Events of The Unexpected Spark.
    • After the Black Mist attack on Zaun Crest icon.png Zaun, it left the city devastated, and Zeri Zeri is willingly helping the citizens the way she can.
  • Events of Ravenbloom Conservatory.
    • Annie Annie is brought back to Noxus by a Black Rose scout and is recognized as Amoline's daughter. She hangouts for a while and makes some new friends, but is ultimately bothered by the academy harsh rules.
      • In act of childish prank, Annie unleash Tibbers' true form and set Ravenbloom on fire, destroying it.
  • Events of The Boys and Bombolini
    • After the Ruined King events, Graves Graves is back to business with his partner Twisted Fate Twisted Fate. They would pull a heist on Bombolini's diving company, a former partner in crime who who went completely unappreciated for years before retiring from crime altogether. During the mission, they discussed Graves Graves' past adventures and relationships, which Twisted Fate Twisted Fate replied with some jealousy. During the robbery, they met Bombolini himself, who was surprised to see them and remarked their obvious romantic relationship.
    • This heist resulted in his ship exploding and Graves Graves and Twisted Fate Twisted Fate didn't even get a worthwhile reward from the job, but their new found feelings for each other left room for more questions.