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The Rebirth of the Sun Disc refers to the resurrection of the last Shurima Crest icon.png Shuriman emperor, Azir Azir and the subsequent rebirth of The Sun Disc and the Mother of Life River. It also follows the struggle between the new emperor and his former friend, now turned enemy, Xerath Xerath.


989 AN

Cassiopeia Cassiopeia, a noblewoman from Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus looking to hire a guide to take her to the fabled lost city. But not just any guide, she hires a owner of a legendary blade, the mercenary called Sivir Sivir. Once the party arrives near the foodhold of the Tomb of the Emperors, Cassiopeia Cassiopeia realises that Sivir's Sivir's ancient weapon, the Chalicar Chalicar, is a key. Cassiopeia betrays Sivir. She picks up Sivir's blade, puts it into the lock. The guardians curse is triggered onto Cassiopeia Cassiopeia. The Tomb of the Emperors opens and Xerath Xerath and Renekton Renekton are freed from their eternal prison. Renekton Renekton sets out to kill his brother Nasus Nasus. Cassiopeia Cassiopeia, transformed by the poison of the Tomb of the Emperor's guardian, looks to explore and utilize her newfound powers to their fullest. She returns to her family home in Urzeris not long after these events. After some time she accepts her new form and is ready to use it to further the goals of the Solid Rose Clasic Faction Colors.png Black Rose

Because Sivir Sivir is the last in the bloodline of Azir Azir, Shurima Crest icon.png Shurima’s last emperor, her bloods is able to resurrect Azir Azir. Realising Sivir Sivir is mortally wounded, Azir Azir brings her to the Oasis of the Dawn to save her. By saving her live Azir Azir becomes worthy of ascensions and becomes a God-Warrior. And with his ascension, Shurima Crest icon.png Shurima’s lost capital, The Sun Disc rises from the sands. Scouting out his newly-risen captital, Azir Azir learns of Xerath's Xerath's treachery and vows to punish him for his actions. Azir Azir terraforms the land around the capital. Restores the long dried up waterways, sending water through Shurima Crest icon.png Shurima from the the Oasis of the Dawn. With this he starts preaching to the nomadic Shurimans about a newly rebuilt empire. Sivir Sivir, unsure about what to do, leaves the capital and tries to put this ancient stuff behind her, to little effect.

Nasus Nasus receives word about Xerath Xerath building a new empire from Nerimazeth, and prepares himself to confront the magus and also to find the emperor's lineage before Xerath Xerath does. Xerath Xerath starts gathering people to serve under him and begins to build a power base in the long forgotten city of Nerimazeth. He also has the emperor's lineage on his hit list.

Meanwhile a young Shurima Crest icon.png Shuriman nomad, Taliyah Taliyah arrives in Ionia Crest icon.png Ionia, unbeknowst of the events that have transpired in her homeland. After a chance meeting with the fugitive Yasuo Yasuo, they become master and pupil. After a few months, word of Azir's Azir's return and Shurima's revival reaches Ionian shores, and Taliyah's Taliyah's ears. Choosing family over Yasuo's Yasuo's teachings, she opts to return to Shurima to ensure her tribe's safety. Over the course of weeks or months Taliyah Taliyah finds passage to the Freljord Crest icon.png Freljord, which she then crosses to take a ship around the west side of Valoran, winding up in the port town of Bel'zhun, which itself is north of the Sai in Shurima Crest icon.png Shurima. From there she skirted the Sai, going from town to town to eventually start heading inland. Yasuo Yasuo set off to his home village to confront his past, after years of wandering Ionia Crest icon.png Ionia.

990 AN

Taliyah Taliyah finds a wounded Sivir Sivir outside of the city of Vekaura and tends to her wounds. Nasus Nasus and Xerath Xerath, both drawn by Sivir's Sivir's blood, venture to Vekaura to find her. Nasus Nasus meets Taliyah Taliyah and Sivir Sivir during Xerath's Xerath's attack on Vekaura. In order to keep to two girls save from harm, Nasus Nasus gives them both an amulet to hide them from Xerath Xerath so they can escape. He then engages in battle with Xerath Xerath, losing the fight but still living. Thanks to Taliyah's Taliyah's efforts Nasus is able to get himself up and away with ease, and some of Vekaura's population survives despite the city's devastation.

A band of raiders known as the Sandthrashers make their way through the ruined city of Vekaura. During their raid, they were met by an angry Renekton Renekton and eventually their leader fights him. At the end, Renekton Renekton wins, killing their leader and promotes another to be the new leader of the group. Learning of Nasus' Nasus' sunken library, he heads for the place, while the remaining raiders decide to follow him.

Without the lost Seal of the Emperors, some would claim Azir Azir has no right to rule Shurima. Intent on proving them wrong, he sends his most trusted warriors to recover the relic. [1] Renekton Renekton finds Nasus Nasus in his sunken library and battles with him while one of Azir's Azir's warriors recovers the relic and brings it savely to his emperor.

991 AN

Taliyah Taliyah eventually splits up with Sivir Sivir and reaches the capital city of Shurima, The Sun Disc. Escaping from a sandstorm, Taliyah Taliyah enters the city. Here she hears the echoes of the people who died during the Fall of Shurima in the stone of the city. Worried, she ventures deep into the bowels of the city to find her family.


990 AN
  • Varus Varus arrives in Shurima where he senses another Darkin presence in a Shuriman tomb.