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Raptors Raptors are an avian species native to Valoran.


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While incapable of flight, they have large strong back legs and large front teeth used for hunting. This species tends to its young until they can fend for themselves against larger predators. When born their feathers are the predominantly blue-greenish color, once they mature they obtain the Crimson Raptor Crimson Raptor look.


Their feathers are used for making cloaks cloaks. It is said that killing a Crimson Raptor with the spell of Smite grants unto the victor the keen senses of the beast, allowing them to see unseen threats.


  • It is likely the Raptor Cloak Raptor Cloak is made out of Raptor feathers.
    • Original Kog'Maw Original Kog'Maw's splash art features a Raptor and Helmet Bro's peculiar headgear (which can also be seen in-game, inside a nest within the blue side Raptors' camp).


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