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{{Champion header|Rammus}}
{{Champion tabview}}
{{champion info|name = Rammus}}
{{champion info|name = Rammus
|armor = 21 (+3.8)
|healthregen = 7 (+0.55)
'''Rammus, the Armordillo''' is a [[champion]] in [[League of Legends]].<ref>[http://www.leagueoflegends.com/champions/33/rammus_the_armordillo Rammus' profile page] at [[Leagueoflegends.com]]</ref>
|name = Spiked Shell
|icon = SpikedShell.jpg
|description = Rammus receives 25% of his total armor as bonus attack damage.
|name = Powerball
|icon = Powerball.jpg
|description = {{sbc|Active:}} Rammus enters a rolling ball state for up to 7 seconds, increasing his movement speed by 30% and then continues accelerating. Upon impacting with an enemy, all nearby enemies will be knocked back for an instant and be dealt magic damage. Additionally, targets affected by the impact will be slowed for 3 seconds.
|leveling ={{lc|Magic Damage}} {{ap|100|150|200|250|300}} {{ability scaling|(+ 100% AP)}}
{{lc|Slow}} {{ap|20%|25%|30%|35%|40%}}
{{lc|Impact radius}} 200 (estimate)
{{lc|Knock back distance}} 100 (estimate)
|name = Defensive Ball Curl
|icon = DefensiveBallCurl.jpg
|description = {{sbc|Active:}} Rammus enters a defensive stance for 6 seconds, vastly increasing his armor and magic resistance and returning magic damage for each autoattack that enemies use on him.
|leveling ={{lc|Armor & Magic Resist Bonus}} {{ap|40|60|80|100|120}}
{{lc|Magic Damage Returned}} {{ap|15|25|35|45|55}} {{ability scaling|(+ 10% total armor)}}
|name = Puncturing Taunt
|icon = PuncturingTaunt.jpg
|description = {{sbc|Active:}} Rammus taunts a target enemy, reducing their armor and forcing them to attack Rammus for a few seconds.
|leveling ={{lc|Armor Reduction}} {{ap|10|15|20|25|30}}
{{lc|Duration}} {{ap|1|1.5|2|2.5|3}}
|name = Tremors
|icon = Tremors.jpg
|description = {{sbc|Active:}} Rammus creates tremors beneath him for 8 seconds dealing magic damage to nearby units and structures each second. Rammus can move, attack and use other abilities while Tremors is in effect.
|leveling ={{lc|Magic Damage Per Second}} {{ap|65|130|195}} {{ability scaling|(+ 30% AP)}}
{{lc|Maximum Magic Damage}} {{ap|520|1040|1560}} {{ability scaling|(+ 240% AP)}}
{{lc|Radius of AoE}} 300
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Rammus OriginalCentered
Rammus OriginalSquare
the Armordillo
Tank icon Vanguard
Secondary attributes:
Mana resource Mana | Melee role Melee | Rune shard Adaptive Force Mixed,Physical
BE icon 1350 | RP icon 585
Release Date:
2009-07-10 [1]
Last Changed:
  1. Rammus's profile page at LeagueOfLegends.com
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