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  • Rakan's and Xayah OriginalSquare Xayah's dual release is the first one since V1.0.0.72.
  • Rakan's and Xayah's loading screens always align themselves to the rightmost side before a game starts and when picked on the same team (to mirror their shared splash art).
  • Rakan's cloak is actually his wings disguised by Vastayan magic in order to blend in with humans.
  • Rakan and Xayah are sometimes depicted together with combined wings. The one-winged Jian bird in Chinese mythology has a similar codependency, which represents the bond of two lovers.
  • Rakan has the lowest basic attack range amongst Ranged role ranged champions (300 units).
  • Rakan's favorite human food is chocolate; even though chocolate's theobromine may poison Rakan due to his half-bird physiology, his human half may help metabolize the compound & alleviate its effects.
  • Rakan's dance references Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley.
    • A side-by-side comparison can be seen here.
      • He shared this dance with Pantheon OriginalSquare Pantheon, until the latter eventually got a full relaunch.
  • When Rakan basic attacks from a far distance he hits his target with his cape, if he is closer, he will punch them instead.
    • At release, Rakan had a hidden passive: he also dealt 1 more physical damage with his punches.[1]
  • His name resembles the Malay noun rakan "friend, relative";
  • He is the only champion with 3 points at 3 skills by the client classification.


  • Rakan's placeholder model during production was a pink Thresh SSWCircle SSW Thresh with a giant pink Braum OriginalSquare Braum mustache for wings.[3]
  • August 'jinxylord' Browning was the designer who originally started exploration on Rakan but Jimmy 'Beat PunchBeef' Steorts took over the project when he moved off to Research and Development.
  • During development he was simply called Duo Support.
    • Xayah OriginalSquare Xayah's was instead called Duo Carry.
  • Rakan's and Xayah OriginalSquare Xayah's dual recall animation is divided into three sections, an intro, a middle section, and then an outro. The whole sequence would take 8 seconds if Rakan and Xayah recalled at the exact same time, while the intro and the outro are both (2 seconds). The system will always play the intro, then it will always play the outro when there is 2 seconds left in the animation, regardless of how long the middle section has played for. This means that the characters will blend from whatever position they are in, to the first pose of the outro part of the sequence.[4]
  • Kayn OriginalSquare Kayn was originally slated to be the antagonist to Xayah OriginalSquare Xayah and Rakan OriginalSquare Rakan.[5]
  • Influences for Xayah OriginalSquare Xayah and Rakan OriginalSquare Rakan include April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation, Kubo and the Two Strings and We Can Never Go Home.[6][7]
  • Some scrapped spells shared with Xayah OriginalSquare Xayah include:[8][9]
    • An ability that would fire a beam like Life Form Disintegration Ray Life Form Disintegration Ray, but they could shoot them together and combine them into a megabeam.
    • Another ability shared with Xayah OriginalSquare Xayah was one that would create a storm cloud that followed them around and could summon a lightning bolt in the area to stun people. The other had a gust of wind that would knock enemies back.
  • Some possible thematics explored for Xayah OriginalSquare Xayah and Rakan OriginalSquare Rakan included being a vampire couple or being a storm shaman and storm elemental.[10][11]


  • Rakan is confirmed to have ADHD based on his in-game voice lines and short story.[12]
    • This was confirmed by Odin 'WAAARGHbobo' Shafer, who explained that they indirectly gave Rakan ADHD through piecing parts of their personality together, as well as events from their friends and family, to create him.
  • His tribe's name, Lhotlan, was named after Lhotl, a Vastayashai’rei hero during the war against a race of titans from the sky.
  • He was originally intended to be 28 in equivalence to human age, but due to being a young Vastaya, he is over a few hundreds years old.[13][14].
    • This can be explained that as one enters a vastayan forest, time — as we know it — becomes to be less reliable. This is the border to the spirit world, so time can go strangely; days can become years, or months can become seconds in the world outside of the forest.[15]
  • Rakan's emotional intelligence and self-awareness is through the roof. He is evidently also very present at any given time; he lives in the moment. Rakan was aware of his emotional interest in Xayah OriginalSquare Xayah as it happened. It's not a singular moment for Rakan, it was a journey.[16]
    • The Vastayan culture's relationship and marriage rituals are somewhat different than ours, in part because magic is largely integral to them and their landscape. Their culture is big on declarations. Symbolically when you declare something, it becomes true; with Vastayan magic, these sort of declarations also form a weak charm. Reinvoking it maintains its status and makes others aware. From a human perspective, they are not married nor engaged, and would self-describe as a "couple". But for a Vastayan, declaring someone your companion is equivalent: it means you are allowing your magics to entwine.
  • Vlonqo, the town where Xayah OriginalSquare Xayah and Rakan first met, is a town with a monastery and a Quinlon.[17]
    • Quinlons are the magical filters and damns scattered around Ionia that attempt to contain the amount of magic released into the region, or limit it to positive and helpful magic, which in turn affect the Vastayan livelihood due to their dependence on magic.[18]
      • In Wild Magic, Xayah OriginalSquare Xayah and Rakan destroyed one of the Quinlons that Zed OriginalSquare Zed and his Shadow Order use to create their Ichor which is used to channel Shadow magic .


  • Rakan and Xayah OriginalSquare Xayah share unique interactions depending on the situation.
    • Both are the first champions to feature ping-related lines.
  • His pick quote "Let's dance!" is a reference to the eponymous song by David Bowie.
    • Xayah OriginalSquare Xayah's pick quote "I CAN NEVER RESIST AN INVITATION TO DANCE" is an answer to Rakan OriginalSquare Rakan's one.
  • "The only way to understand magic is to plunge into it, move with it, dance and dance!" is similar to the quote "The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance" by the British speaker and mystic Alan Watts, whose teachings included philosophies similar to the ones found in Rakan's quotes.
  • "We are seen dancing and thought insane - by those who can't hear the music" references a famous quote by Friedrich Nietzsche.
  • "When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story" and "Challenge accepted!" references Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother.
  • "I've been kicked around since I was born. It's alright! It's ok! I'm staying alive!" is a reference to the song Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees.
  • One of Rakan's recall quotes, "Let's go! Baby! Baby? Baby? Baby!", may be a reference to a phrase from YouTube personality Markiplier's Silent Hill (Playable Teaser video).
  • One of Rakan's movement quotes, "Ha! I'm, G to the D! Golden Diamonds, boy! Woo!", may be a reference to the song Crayon by G-Dragon (G-DRAGON - CRAYON(크레용) M/V).
  • One of Rakan's movement quotes, "Name one genius that ain't crazy.", is a reference to the song Feedback by Kanye West.


Rakan OriginalCircle Original Rakan
Rakan CosmicDawnCircle Cosmic Dawn Rakan
Rakan SweetheartCircle Sweetheart Rakan
Rakan SSGCircle SSG Rakan
Rakan iGCircle iG Rakan
Rakan StarGuardianCircle Star Guardian Rakan
Chromaskins Chromas: Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, Ruby
  • Several of his animations are a reference to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • His original non-corrupted form can briefly be seen when using Gleaming Quill Gleaming Quill, Grand Entrance Grand Entrance and when recalling without Xayah StarGuardianCircle Xayah.
    • His fully corrupted form can briefly be seen when using The Quickness The Quickness and when recalling.
  • Riku profileicon Riku, Rakan's familiar spirit, acts as his Gleaming Quill Gleaming Quill and Battle Dance Battle Dance.


  • Rakan is a Lhotlan Vastayan who travels Ionia as a wandering entertainer. After meeting and getting in a relationship with Xayah OriginalSquare Xayah, both travel Ionia to preserve Ionia's natural magic from being controlled by humans.
    • They are not married, since Xayah OriginalSquare Xayah wants to hear him proposing to her everyday.
  • Rakan and Xayah OriginalSquare Xayah fought Zed OriginalSquare Zed and his Order of the Shadow in Wild Magic to prevent them from harvesting a magical grove for the Kashuri Armories, the creators of Jhin OriginalSquare Jhin's Whisper Whisper.


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