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See also: Wikipedia - Radiant Entertainment

Radiant Entertainment, Inc. is an american game studio founded by two brothers that were notably responsible for GGPO and the Evolution Championship Series. The company was incorporated in 2011 and is headquartered in Los Altos, California. As of March 8, 2016, they operate as a subsidiary of Riot Games, Inc.[1][2] and are partially responsible for the development of Project L.


Project L


See also: Wikipedia - Stonehearth

Stonehearth released on Microsoft Windows and MacOS in 2018. It is a procedurally generated city-building game developed by Radiant Entertainment where players are tasked with feeding, sheltering, and defending a colony of people called Hearthlings.

Rising Thunder

See Also: Wikipedia - Rising Thunder

Rising Thunder is a free-to-play fighting game developed by Radiant Entertainment that was cancelled in the alpha phase with the developers being hired to work on Project L, but a freeware Community Edition (See this) was released with open source server tools in 2018. Notably, this game has a focus on accessibility, while keeping depth, being playable on keyboard, and makes use of GGPO3 rollback netcode.

Gameplay-wise, each character has a selection of special moves they can change between for each of the 3 special moves' buttons (similar to Smash 4's custom specials), there's 3 normal move buttons (light, medium, heavy), and a grab that goes through blocks, which also has an aerial variant that only affects aerial foes. There is a 'dizzy' mechanic where one is stunned after being hit enough consecutive times. Blocking works the same as most other fighting games. Normal moves also have directional versions, and some Specials have aerial variants.

Project L

Project L is a fighting game in development by Radiant and Riot set on and with characters from Runeterra Crest icon.png Runeterra. Gameplay-wise, it is inspired by Rising Thunder, and shares many of its goals.