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Quinn (Universe)Quinn (Universe)
Quinn (League of Legends)Quinn (League of Legends)
Quinn (Esports)Quinn (Esports)
Quinn (Teamfight Tactics)Quinn (Teamfight Tactics)
Quinn (Legends of Runeterra)Quinn (Legends of Runeterra)
Quinn (Development)Quinn (Development)
Quinn (Trivia)Quinn (Trivia)


Mercenary Mercenary
Gangplank OriginalSquare.png
Illaoi OriginalSquare.png
Miss Fortune CaptainFortuneSquare.png
Quinn CorsairSquare.png
Tahm Kench OriginalSquare.png
Mercenary Emblem TFT item.png
Challenger Challenger
Camille OriginalSquare.png
Fiora PulsefireSquare.png
Kai'Sa OriginalSquare.png
Quinn CorsairSquare.png
Samira OriginalSquare.png
Warwick OriginalSquare.png
Yone BattleAcademiaSquare.png
Challenger Emblem TFT item.png


Patch History

V11.22 - Added
  • Corsair Quinn Corsair Quinn
    • Tier 2 Mercenary Mercenary Challenger Challenger.
    • Quinn Blinding Assault.png Active - Disarming Assault: Sends Valor out at the target with the highest attack speed, dealing 200 / 300 / 700 (× Ability power icon.png AP) magic damage to the target and nearby enemies. The main target is Disarm icon.png disarmed for 2 / 2.5 / 3 seconds.