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  • Qiyana's Element matches the Element assigned to the board. This is randomly determined at the start of the game and does not change. Her ability icon also changes. Possible forms:


Cloud TFT icon Cloud
Janna OriginalSquareYasuo OriginalSquare
Inferno TFT icon Inferno
Amumu InfernalSquareAnnie OriginalSquareBrand OriginalSquareDiana InfernalSquareKindred ShadowfireSquareVarus InfernalSquareZyra WildfireSquareBami's Cinder item
Mountain TFT icon Mountain
Malphite OriginalSquareTaliyah OriginalSquare
Ocean TFT icon Ocean
Nami DeepSeaSquareNautilus OriginalSquareSyndra AtlanteanSquareThresh DeepTerrorSquareVladimir DarkWatersSquare
Assassin TFT icon Assassin
Diana InfernalSquareKha'Zix GuardianoftheSandsSquareLeBlanc ElderwoodSquareNocturne EternumSquareQiyana OriginalSquareZed ShockbladeSquareYoumuu's Ghostblade item


Patch History

V10.6 - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
  • Ability stun duration reduced to 2.5 / 3.5 / 4.5 seconds from 3 / 4 / 5.
  • Ability damage increased to 300 / 500 / 900 from 300 / 500 / 700.
  • Bug Fix: Will not cast her ability when there's nothing in range that it could hit.
V9.22 - Added

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