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Ixtal A Privileged Upbringing
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In the jungle city of Ixaocan, Qiyana Qiyana plots her own ruthless path to the high seat of the Yun Tal. Last in line to succeed her parents, she faces those who stand in her way with brash confidence and unprecedented mastery over elemental magic. With the land itself obeying her every command, Qiyana sees herself as the greatest elementalist in the history of Ixaocan—and by that right, deserving of not only a city, but an empire.

QiyanaSquare"There will always be someone better and that person is me."  Qiyana
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Early Life[]

Qiyana was born into the royal family of Ixaocan, the Yunalai, being the last of her nine sisters in the line of succession and grew up thinking that the throne would never be hers. Wishing to know what her role would be in her family and her place in Ixaocan.

Qiyana was educated in the elemental magical arts of Ixtal, she proved to be one of the best students of her time and not only that but at a very early age she mastered powerful techniques and spells that her older sisters were still struggling to achieve. Seeing the potential within her, Qiyana began to believe that the throne of Yun Tal should be hers.

Contemporary history[]

As she grew, Qiyana's magical powers increased enormously, being able to perfectly master three types of elemental magic, Earth, Water and Nature. With her powers, her pride grew more and more, proclaiming herself as the Empress of the Elements.

As time went by, Qiyana began to try to get her parents' attention because she wanted to prove herself and was scandalized when they chose one of her sisters and not her. Inessa, her older sister, clashed with her the most, having very heated arguments until it got to the point where Inessa challenged Qiyana to a ritual combat to teach her sister some humility.

The battle was fierce but finally Qiyana not only emerged victorious but also left Inessa paraplegic. Qiyana expected her reward but her parents were horrified by how she left her sister and refused to give her her reward. Qiyana was quite hurt and resentful by her parents' response, but then she realized that the entire town of Ixaocan was quite impressed with her powers, giving her one of the things she most wanted to have, respect.

Massacre of the Piltovan miners[]

However, Qiyana was not satisfied with recognition from all of Ixaocan. She needed the entire world to know the strength of her city, and more importantly, herself. Qiyana was disgusted by the increasing number of foreign visitors coming to their jungles to drain the land of its natural resources. She believed that if she showed them Ixtal's elemental might, these foreigners would run away in terror, and in her parents' court she proposed a plan of action against the "outlanders".

Qiyana's parents did not approve, of course, stating that making contact with the miners could destroy Ixacoan's hidden, isolationist position in Runeterra, inviting war, disease, and hatred, putting hundreds of years of peace in jeopardy. But Qiyana didn't care what they had to say and disobeyed her parents' orders, raiding a Piltovan mining site, destroying it and killing all the workers but one. She let the last miner go, and told him to spread the message of the elementalist sorceress who destroyed the mine. When she returned, Qiyana told everyone about the massacre, much to her parents' fury, as Qiyana's actions only caused the Piltovans to send even more miners and soldiers to the jungle.

Imprisonment and Release[]

Her parents, full of sadness, were forced to imprison their daughter in the dungeons of Ixaocan to decide how to punish her for the crime she committed against the kingdom. But before her trial began the elementalists of the high court spoke on Qiyana's behalf, stating that, while her actions were reckless, she was one of the most powerful elementalists Ixaocan had ever known. And that it would be foolish to keep her locked up and instead, she should be appointed to defend the city. In addition to the fact that the entire city was full of people who admired Qiyana's skill and talent and that she could inspire them to greatness, this made her parents reluctantly agree to release her but not before making her swear that she would not challenge them again.

Becoming Prefect of Tikras[]


Qiyana is a young and attractive Ixtali woman with tanned skin and wavy shoulder-length white hair. She has a round face and button nose, and yellow eyes. She is of short and curvaceous stature, with a trim waist, broad hips, and thick thighs.

She wears a strapless blue-green dress with a black midsection, detailed all over in gold. On her lower half she wears black leggings and a pair of open-toed sandals. She lavishes her appearance with jewellery and makeup, wearing a golden tiara, bracelets on her wrists and upper arms, and a necklace, all of which are inlaid with large green gems. Her eyes are decorated with golden-green eye shadow, and her nails are also painted in her signature green.


Though she does possess the skill to back it up, Qiyana is a proud and arrogant woman who brags often and loudly for all to hear about her prowess with elemental magic, her ostentatious nature reflected even in her choice of attire. She thinks very highly of herself and is fully convinced she deserves the throne regardless of her place in the line of succession.

She is extremely competitive, proactive, and determined. When challenged by her older sister Inessa to ritual combat, Qiyana displayed a ruthless side by not only rising to the challenge but crippling her sister in the fight to assert how seriously she takes her desire to rise to the top and ultimately become Empress.


  • Magical: Qiyana was born with natural magical abilities, which can grow the more she trains and expands her knowledge about magic. Qiyana is a natural prodigy in the elemental magics of Ixtal, proven to be one of the most powerful elementalists in Ixtal. Since childhood, Qiyana has managed to master the most advanced elemental techniques where her sisters struggled to grasp the basics. The most unique part of Qiyana's special talent in elemental magic is that she has learned to master not just a single element, as most of the Yun Tal do, but rather she has mastered three three. Despite this, the elemental magic that Qiyana struggles with is fire, which she is self-conscious about it.
    • Water Axiom: Water Axiom: By manipulating water, Qiyana is capable of infusing her weapon with water magic, allowing her to toss out small waves and instantly freeze it to create ice. With this, she can throw out shards of ice at her opponents or freeze them in place.
    • Magma Axiom Magma Axiom By manipulating magma and rocks, Qiyana is capable of infusing her weapon with magma magic, allowing her to toss heated stones at her opponents to deal immense damage and cause huge explosions.
    • Nature Axiom Nature Axiom By manipulating plants, Qiyana is capable of infusing her weapon with nature magic, allowing her to manipulate grass to restrain enemies and grow large bushes to camouflage her.
  • Ohmlatl Proficiency: Ohmlatl Proficiency: Qiyana's primary weapon used in combat is an ohmlatl, a traditional ring-shaped Ixtali blade capable of acting as a medium for Qiyana's elemental magic, allowing her to infuse it with magical properties. Qiyana wields it with ease, capable of spinning and tossing it with acrobatic strength.
  • Combat Mastery: Qiyana is a well versed fighter, especially in ritualistic Ixtali combat. She expressed this during her initial attempt to claim the title of empress within the Yun Tal, challenging her eldest sister Inessa in combat, easily defeating and crippling her.



Qiyana's parents neglected her due to her being the youngest of her 9 sisters, and thus furthest from the throne.[1] As a result of her parent's preferential treatment, Qiyana does not have a good relationship with her siblings.

Inessa, the eldest daughter and 12 years Qiyana's senior, sought to humble her by besting her in ritual combat, but was instead defeated and crippled. Mara, the youngest of Qiyana's elder sisters, conceded her prefectship over Tikras after Qiyana exposed the hidden paths between villages in Ixtal. The Piltovan raid that followed killed about half the populace, and nearly Mara herself. Unbeknownst to Mara, Qiyana planned the entire ordeal in order to take over as prefect, amassing additional power and support from Ixtal citizens.

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  • "Empress of the Elements" is a self proclaimed title Qiyana gave herself, she is only a princess in Ixtal.[2]
  • Qiyana is 20 years old.[3]
    • She was 7 years old when she mastered advanced elemental techniques.

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