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Qaelin is an island region and province located in the eastern part of the Ionian Archipelago of Ionia.


Champions of Qaelin

Other Related Champions

  • Jhin Jhin visited Jiekkasja on Qaelin to keep close to Zed and his current whereabouts.
  • Zed Zed visited the Quenjo Estate on Qaelin during his search for Jhin Jhin.
  • Lulu Lulu is known to be active here.


Qenjo Estate

  • Qaelin Highlands: The mountainous regions of Qaelin which span from the north to the south of the island.
    • Jiekkasja: A settlement and region located in the Southern Qaelin Highlands.
      • Quenjo Estate: The current location of House Quenjo and the Lady Yevnai. Zed Zed visited this place in order to find the current whereabouts of Shen Shen during his search for Jhin Jhin.
  • Lhotlan Village: The village of the Lhotlan vastayas, including Xayah Xayah and Rakan Rakan. The tribe would later have to abandon the place due to the loss of the island's remaining wild magic.



Xayah & Rakan, the Rebel & the Charmer - Login Screen

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