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Pyke, the Drowned Man

By Anthony Reynolds Lenné

Listen as Lars spins a tale of four Bilgewater legends - Nautilus, Fizz, Tahm Kench, and Pyke - and discovers the terrifying fact woven into his fiction.


Barkeep: Right-o, Lars, that's enough for you for one night. You'll be bothering my other customers.

Lars: Alright, alright, fine. Who's about one for the road though, heh? Hm. Somethin' for... to get me movin' like.

Barkeep: Nuh-uh! Not until you settle up. I'll not serve you tomorrow either. Not until you pay your considerable tab.

Lars: Ehe, that's fair enough. A good night to you, barkeep! I'll see you anon.

(Lars sings unintelligibly.)

Lars: (coughs) Heh, slipped eels under me blankets... Hahahaha... Ahhhhh... Mmm. Heh, sounds like someone be workin' late. Eh, bit late for carvin' your catch, ain't it? It'll wait till morning. Hello?

(Pyke Pyke stabs a nearby bystander and slowly peels the harpoon out, before brandishing it.)

Lars: Uh... oh, by the Lady's Beard... I, uh... I... I seen nothin' friend. 'Tis no business o' mine. Ehe... I'll just be on me way.

Pyke Pyke: You. You look familiar.

Lars: No, it can't be! Pyke? You're dead! The beast took ye!

Pyke Pyke: Yes. You were there. You cut my line!

Lars: Ah... It weren't me! Honest, I told them! Told them it weren't right!

(Pyke begins to move closer, causing the dock to creak.)

Lars: Stay back. Stay back, I say!

(Pyke runs faster before disappearing into sea-mist disappearing into sea-mist.)

Lars: What? Where'd he...

(Pyke emerges and beats up Lars, whom cries out in pain.)

Lars: Mother of Serpents! I'll give you a good slash, you watery madman!

(Lars hits Pyke twice before pushing him into the sea.)

Lars: Ah! Ahaha...hehe! Yeah! That's what you'll get! Back down to the shi--

(Pyke surfaces from the sea and and stabs Lars. Lars coughs in agony.)

Pyke Pyke: Another name off the list.

(Pyke catches Lars with his harpoon, pulling him into the sea.)

Lars: Aaah! Urrgh...

(Lars struggles as he is dragged deeper and deeper into the sea, slowly becoming quieter and weaker.)


  • This story was released during the Curse of the Drowned event that introduced Pyke Pyke.
    • Lars was one of the few people that knew Pyke in life. He was also indirectly responsible for his death, hence why Pyke hunted him down.