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A renowned harpooner from the slaughter docks of Bilgewater Crest icon.png Bilgewater, Pyke Pyke should have met his death in the belly of a gigantic jaull-fish; and yet, he returned. Now, stalking the dank alleys and backways of his former hometown, he uses his new supernatural gifts to bring a swift and gruesome end to those who make their fortune by exploiting others—and a city that prides itself on hunting monsters now finds a monster hunting them.

PykeSquare.png"There’s plenty of room for everyone at the bottom of the sea..."  Pyke
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  • Miss Fortune Miss Fortune and Gangplank Gangplank are both on Pyke's list, both being captains.[1]
    • He would later hunt Miss Fortune during Rise of the Sentinels, when the Sentinels told her she was on his list.
  • During the events of Ruined King, Ahri Ahri, Braum Braum, Illaoi Illaoi, Miss Fortune Miss Fortune, Pyke and Yasuo Yasuo would set sail to the Shadow Isles Crest icon.png Shadow Isles to fight Viego Viego in order to protect Bilgewater.
    • Although Pyke is an undead, Illaoi sees Pyke as an eddy of a much deeper tide and therefore is in motion.[2] She subjects Pyke to Nagakabouros' test and her influence calms him from his murderous states.
    • Later, Pyke Pyke saved the Sentinels of Light from Miss Fortune's Miss Fortune's attack after she made a deal with Viego Viego in exchange for power. Pyke then joined the team despite most of the members not approving it.
    • Olaf wanted to fight Pyke Pyke, thinking he could grant him a warrior's death, and said he cut his line.

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Pyke OriginalCentered.jpg

Bilgewater Crest icon.png


The Bloodharbor Ripper

By Matthew Dunn

Starring Champion

Ruined King Kingdom.jpg

Bilgewater Crest icon.png

Music Video

Kingdom (Video)

By Numerous creators


Bilgewater Legends.png

Bilgewater Crest icon.png


Pyke, the Drowned Man

By Anthony Reynolds Lenné

Listen as Lars spins a tale of four Bilgewater legends - Nautilus, Fizz, Tahm Kench, and Pyke - and discovers the terrifying fact woven into his fiction.

Pyke The Bloodharbor Ripper.png

Bilgewater Crest icon.png


The Bloodharbor Ripper (Video)

Pyke's shipmates watched him drown. In his eyes, all of Bilgewater is guilty.

Pyke Then, Teeth.jpg

Bilgewater Crest icon.png

Short Story • 4 Minute Read

Then, Teeth

By Matthew Dunn

Mazier is sprawled on the rotten planks, waves lapping at stone underneath. Her slowing heartbeat pumps blood into the seawater. She stares, unblinking, at the shanty-dwellings above, and the stars beyond.

Mentioned Champion

Nautilus Dead in the Water.jpg

Bilgewater Crest icon.png

Short Story

Dead in the Water

By Graham McNeill

Red tide out, red tide in.

Alternate Universes

MSI 2018 Promo 01.jpg

Runeterra Crest icon.png


Make History

In this battle of regions, one will conquer all others to make history.

PROJECT Outsiders.jpg

Runeterra Crest icon.png



A band of cybernetic castoffs plans to infiltrate The City to destroy the entity that created—and then abandoned—them: the PROJECT Corporation.


Runeterra Crest icon.png



No war stays hidden for long.

Sivir BloodMoonSkin.jpg

Ionia Crest icon.png

Short Story

Trial of the Masks

By Jared Rosen

Imagine the world as a mirror


  • Pyke was not resurrected by Nagakabouros or the Shadow Isles Black Mist. He was resurrected by the magic of the Jaull fish.
    • Pyke is part ocean now, he can magically turn into sea-mist sea-mist and swim between the air. When he's in this state, he sees the real world as "underwater".[3]
    • The mist/ Mordekaiser Mordekaiser cannot control Pyke. He is a different sort of undeath. His powers are probably tied to the spirit world in some way. They are boons of the swimming city.[4]
  • The 'Swimming City' mentioned by Pyke multiple times is noted as being a very real thing, a city that literally swims and never stays in the same place. This is noted because Pyke is stated to never lie. Pyke's death and resurrection warbled his mind significantly, so what he's saying isn't necessarily false, it's simply distorted though madness. The Swimming City might not be what most people would consider it to be.[5]
    • The city is like a global mind, like if the city and it's inhabitants were to live as one, or maybe something even more complex. This city isn't the same as the one Fizz Fizz used to live in, as it is active and alive.[6]
  • Pyke clearly can't seem to remember or understand that the names on his list are being altered. He occasionally remembers being manipulated by higher power but doesn't care about it.[7]
  • Pyke believes that before drowning he was a sailor aboard The Terror however no one has records of that vessel. Since Pyke's list keeps increasing (usually before killing someone) it's likely that The Terror is a fabrication from his own broken mind, and a way for whatever gave him his powers to keep Pyke interested in killing people.
    • The ship he was a sailor of was a different one, with one known member being Lars whom Pyke later killed.[8]
  • Despite similarities to Nautilus' Nautilus' lore, Riot decided to keep Pyke's lore the same because they felt there was enough room for two deep sea revenants that desired revenge.[9]
  • Pyke is half Buhru islander and half immigrant. His mother was from the Serpent Isles and his father immigrated to Bilgewater from the Freljord Crest icon.png Freljord or the outer territories of Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus.[10]
  • His favorite food is salted pork and his favorite beverage is red wine cut with salt water.[11]
  • After the Ruined King's Ruined King's return, Pyke became benevolent as a result of Nagakabouros' influence, but may eventually return back to his murderous state.

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