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  • Conqueror Conqueror or Press the Attack Press the Attack cannot be gained as the first keystone.
    • The Exposed debuff from Press the Attack Press the Attack will increase the damage of any subsequent damaging Keystones by 8% − 12% (based on level), so long as the Keystone is triggered prior to the Exposed debuff expiring.
  • Omnistone Omnistone can still grant Predator Predator if the user has Magical Footwear Magical Footwear but has not been granted the boots yet.
    • This can only happen once, as once Omnistone Omnistone refills its table of Keystones, Predator Predator can no longer be rolled if the owner does not have boots in their inventory.
    • This can also happen to Cassiopeia Cassiopeia, who can neither purchase boots, nor can she take Magical Footwear Magical Footwear.

"Smart" Keystone Chances

  • "Smart" selection takes place before Omnistone rolls its table of Keystones; if an ideal situation is found it will have an 8 - 15% increased chance to roll the relevant Keystone.[1] If you would otherwise not roll a relevant Keystone due to it being removed from the table, Omnistone Omnistone will refill its table of Keystones, and grant you the relevant Keystone.
  • "Smart" selection cannot grant you the same Keystone consecutively.
  • A specific Keystone will be given to the user under many circumstances fit for the gameplay scenario. The following have an increased chance to be given:
  • If you are a Melee role.png Melee champion, the bonuses from Conqueror Conqueror and Lethal Tempo Lethal Tempo last longer than the cooldown of Prototype: Omnistone Prototype: Omnistone, which can affect "Smart" selection, as well as empower other keystones.

Dark Harvest Dark Harvest Soul Bonuses

  • The following Keystones have their stats enhanced based on the number of Dark Harvest stacks. Soul bonuses are relative to the damage per stack of Dark Harvest Dark Harvest per map, meaning it can be lower or higher depending on the mode.[2] (The following are based on Summoner's Rift icon.png Summoner's Rift, with Dark Harvest dealing Attack damage.pngAbility power.png 5 damage per soul):


Omnistone's Omnistone's best use scenario is not maximizing the potential of every keystone, but rather to dispense the keystones you use least effectively in order to gain access to your most efficient ones. As such, if there are keystones you can roll, but cannot dispense due to a champion's inherent kit design (e.g Karthus Karthus, or Anivia Anivia, whose kits do not allow much use of auto attacks), Omnistone is most likely to not be the best fit for you.

General tips:

If you are a Melee role.png melee champion:

  • Due to the lack of target access that melee champions inherently have as a range class, maintaining your distance to increase the likelihood of rolling Predator Predator will allow you to better access your targets, or to enhance any existing engage spells, such as Nunu's Nunu's Biggest Snowball Ever! Biggest Snowball Ever! or Warwick's Warwick's Infinite Duress Infinite Duress.
  • Conqueror's Conqueror's probability to be rolled is based on the Health icon.png percent current health of nearby enemies, which makes your likelihood of rolling Conqueror Conqueror greatest in a teamfight.
    • Paired with the above point, using Predator Predator to close the gap and access high priority targets, and subsequently rolling Conqueror Conqueror increases your likelihood of fully stacking the keystone, giving you immense combat power.
  • For melee champions, Prototype: Omnistone Prototype: Omnistone has a [5-3] second scaling cooldown. The following buffs persist long enough that they can help you proc other keystones, empower subsequent keystones, as well as impact Smart Selection:
    • Conqueror Conqueror
      • If you are an Attack damage icon.png AD champion, fully stacking Conqueror will increase the likelihood of rolling Hail of Blades Hail of Blades.
    • Lethal Tempo Lethal Tempo
      • The buff can last up to 6 seconds after an initial delay, allowing to possibly dispense up-to 2 keystones during its duration.
      • The boost in Attack speed icon.png attack speed increases the likelihood of rolling Hail of Blades. As such, it is possible to obtain a minimum boost of up to 220% attack speed for 3 auto attacks, which can burst unsuspecting targets in a fight.
        • This is especially beneficial for melee champions who build Critical strike chance icon.png Critical Strike Chance, such as Tryndamere Tryndamere, Yasuo Yasuo, and Yone Yone, as with enough Critical Strike Chance, they can potentially critically strike 3 times in rapid succession.
    • Grasp of the Undying Grasp of the Undying
      • The Heal power icon.png healing and resulting health gain can push you into the threshold to boost the likelihood of rolling Conqueror.
    • Glacial Augment Glacial Augment*
      • *If triggered by an active item with a slow.

If you are a Ranged role.png ranged champion:



Patch History

  • Bug Fix: Omnistone-granted Predator Predator now has a proper cooldown regardless of when the user upgrades its boots.
  • Cooldown for Melee role.png melee champions reduced to 5 − 3 (based on level) seconds from 7 − 3 (based on level).
  • Cooldown for Ranged role.png ranged champions reduced to 9 − 7 (based on level) seconds from 11 − 7 (based on level).
V9.23 - November 21st Hotfix
  • Cooldown for Melee role.png melee champions reduced to 7 − 3 (based on level) seconds from 8 − 4 (based on level).
  • Cooldown for Ranged role.png ranged champions reduced to 11 − 7 (based on level) seconds from 12 − 8 (based on level).
V9.23 - Added
  • Replaces Kleptomancy Kleptomancy.
  • Inspiration icon.png Inspiration Keystone rune.
    • Periodically gain a single use of another random keystone. Once a keystone is rolled, it can't be rolled again until only three options are left, at which point the table resets (you won't get the keystone you just used, though).
    • Gain a new keystone 8 − 4 (based on level) seconds after using the last. (Increased to 12 − 8 (based on level) seconds for Ranged role.png ranged champions).
    • Gain a new keystone while out of combat after 40 seconds of not using a keystone.
    • Your current keystone shows up to the right of your health bar. All ten players can see it.
    • Dark Harvest Dark Harvest souls persist after you get a different keystone and affect all your other keystones. Grasp of the Undying's Grasp of the Undying's health persists after you get a different keystone, too.
    • Available Keystones: Press the Attack Press the Attack, Lethal Tempo Lethal Tempo, Fleet Footwork Fleet Footwork, Conqueror Conqueror, Summon Aery Summon Aery, Arcane Comet Arcane Comet, Phase Rush Phase Rush, Electrocute Electrocute, Predator Predator, Dark Harvest Dark Harvest, Hail of Blades Hail of Blades, Grasp of the Undying Grasp of the Undying, Aftershock Aftershock, and Glacial Augment Glacial Augment.
    • Predator Predator is only available to champions who have already purchased boots. Dark Harvest Dark Harvest souls amplify the effects of all keystones. Aftershock Aftershock is only available to champions who have learned a basic spell that can trigger it.
    • Does not re-roll if in-combat.
    • Keystones cycle pseudo randomly - you cannot repeat a keystone for 5 rolls after it has been used.
    • Entering the fountain will reroll your current keystone.