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The Jeweled Protectors are giant mythical winged carnivores of Ionia.


It has a mix of tiger and lion features. Protectors Protectors are born wingless and without manes until 01IO023-full.png a certain age when they grow their manes while their wings grow out from their backs. Their other noticeable features are their two tails and gems embedded along their spines and forehead that glow with a mysterious power.


Saga of the First Lands

"In times of conflict, villagers sought the ancient guardian of Autumn Valley. Those who swayed her heart were granted blessings that could turn the tide of battle."
— Saga of the First Lands


  • In linkRuneterra Prime (Universe) Runeterra Prime universe, the only Protector variant shown has been the Jeweled Protector. However, in linkTeamfight Tactics Prime (Universe) Teamfight Tactics Prime universe, there are several subspecies shown in the form of skins.


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