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Wind Wall Wind Wall intercepting Lux's Lux's Light Binding Light Binding.

A projectile (or missile) is any entity not classified as a unit (champion, minion, monster, etc.) that travels at any given velocity.

Almost all projectiles can be blocked or destroyed by Braum's Braum's Unbreakable Unbreakable, Samira's Samira's Blade Whirl Blade Whirl, and Yasuo's Yasuo's Wind Wall Wind Wall. Moving units that are not projectiles are not blocked under any circumstance (including dash abilities and units thrown by abilities, such as Force of Will Force of Will and Roar of the Slayer Roar of the Slayer). Some champion summoned units will be Knockdown icon.png knocked down by projectile-blocking effects.

Unit-targeted and auto-targeted projectiles can furthermore be destroyed by Bullet strikethrough.png projectile destroying effects as well.

Not Blocked

The following effects do not interact with Wind Wall Wind Wall, Blade Whirl Blade Whirl, nor Unbreakable Unbreakable despite being or appearing to behave similarly to projectiles.


Basic Attacks

The following Ranged role.png ranged basic attacks will bypass Wind Wall Wind Wall, Blade Whirl Blade Whirl, and Unbreakable Unbreakable.


Summoner Spells


Stopped projectiles

The following projectiles or projectile-like champion summoned units are stopped short of their trajectory:

All the other projectiles are destroyed destroyed / intercepted intercepted.