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Prehistoric Hunters is a series of alternate future/universe skins in League of Legends. Set in a prehistoric Runeterra, each of the champions represent monster hunters or the monsters themselves.


    "Monster pelts. So retro."
Pulsefire Ezreal Pulsefire Ezreal
  • Beast Hunter Draven Beast Hunter Draven
    In addition to being one of the best beast hunters on the mainland, Draven is a master of the spinning blade, and also an incorrigible showboat. This quality has led to many of his hunting partners being eaten, which he likes because it causes dramatic tension.
  • Beast Hunter Sejuani Beast Hunter Sejuani
    A beast tamer as well as hunter, Sejuani rides her trusty mount Bristle into the thick of combat before snaring massive creatures in the chain of her flail. An almost supernaturally strong woman, she can—temporarily—hold down beasts weighing several tons, which is exactly the window her fellow hunters need.
  • Boneclaw Shyvana Boneclaw Shyvana
    Many hunters claim Shyvana holds an unfair advantage when it comes to slaying the giant beasts that roam the land. Shyvana herself cares little about their opinions, preferring instead to channel her rage into her true form—a massive, fire-breathing dragon… that proves the hunters' point.
  • Beast Hunter Tryndamere Beast Hunter Tryndamere
    Tryndamere isn't the smartest beast hunter, but he is the strongest—possessing a stubborn rage that quite literally refuses to let him die. A single swing of his blade can cleave a beast's limb from its body, and he has the hunting trophies to prove it.
  • Prehistoric Anivia Prehistoric Anivia
    A gargantuan beast capable of creating vast ice fields, Anivia is a nightmarish opponent for even the most seasoned hunters. She is drawn to the sound of hunts, dive bombing the area before retreating with a hunter or two to snack on.
  • Prehistoric Cho'Gath Prehistoric Cho'Gath
    A titanic beast feared for its massive size and endless appetite, no sane hunter would ever think of taking on Cho'Gath. Seeing as there are no sane hunters, Cho'Gath enjoys a steady supply of lightly armored food.
  • Prehistoric Renekton Prehistoric Renekton
    A rare intelligent beast, Renekton is an erudite speaker and skilled wielder of the crescent blade. He's also six stories tall and not particularly friendly. Hunters are advised to make their final arrangements before engaging.


The hunt is on

Sejuani BeastHunterSkin.jpg


Day 21

We tracked the creature until dusk, then made camp for the night. The other hunters are tired and the wounded cannot travel much further, but we must continue. All this death, the agony; it cannot be this meaningless. We will slay it.

Day 35

The beast struck in the night. It moved as water yet its hide was iron. Our spears shattered, our shields cracked. None survived, save me. I've burned what was left and set in the direction of the creature. I will kill it or die in its razor teeth.

Day 43

The three hunters came at dawn and robbed me of my destiny. They attacked the beast with weapons and armor shaped from unfathomable monsters. Their strikes were like thunder cast with spinning blades and spiked flails. The unkillable beast, slaughtered by three. The creature that massacred my men, my brothers, felled so quickly. They butchered it and were gone soon after. By the look of the fire in their eyes, a new hunt was on.

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