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Practice Tool is a single player game mode in League of Legends. Released in V7.3, the game mode was specifically designed to allow players to interact with training dummies and enable cheats on Summoner's Rift icon Summoner's Rift.


A simple, straight forward, single-player environment that lets you test out things like checking wall Flash Flash points or if you can solo DragonSquare Dragon with a certain item build, without having to manually spend time experimenting in Custom games.

As League gains more and more similarities to a sport, it makes sense that there be a place where you can go to shoot hoops!
— Riot Games[1]


Only one bot is available to participate in the practice session for training purposes. It is totally optional and can only be picked as an enemy. Its intelligence can be ranked only from Beginner or Intermediate.

Practice Tool Bot

As showcased on the client.


Dummy is a unit type that can be directly summoned in Practice Tool, it stands in as a champion for all intents and purposes.

Upon taking damage from a champion, the Dummy will track total damage, damage per second, and last tick of damage value. Dummy health can be seen dropped, but they cannot die (similar to Undying Rage Undying Rage's buff). After 3 seconds of not taking damage (remaining time displayed visually by the dummy's resource bar), the damage tracking is reset and the dummy health is restored to full.

Using practice tool commands, player can change maximum health and resistances only of an enemy dummy. Dummies gain up to +100% increased size based on bonus health, with the maximum size capped at 10,000 health (130 gameplay radius). Ally dummies always have 1000 maximum health and 0 resistances. A dummy can take a maximum 900 damage from any attack.


Commands, or cheats, are functions that help players in testing. It can be a resource free, instant refresh spells so you can practice landing them. Or you can summon jungle camps repetitively to test the best jungle route.

Command Details Shortcut
Practice Tool Auto-Refresh Cooldowns Auto-Refresh Cooldowns Toggle to periodically refresh your spell and active item cooldowns. This button may occasionally produce broken interactions that are unique to Practice Tool and this button. Practice with care. [Shift][x]
Practice Tool Auto-Refresh HP Auto-Refresh HP Toggle to periodically refresh your health. [Shift][z]
Practice Tool Auto-Refresh Mana-Energy Auto-Refresh Mana/Energy Toggle to periodically refresh your mana or energy. [Shift][c]
Practice Tool Add Gold Add Gold Gives you 10,000 gold. [Shift][t]
Practice Tool Level Up Level Up Increases your level by 1. [Shift][y]
Practice Tool Lock XP Level Lock XP Level Toggle to stop from gaining any more experience. [Shift][u]
Practice Tool Teleport to Cursor Teleport to Cursor Instantly move your champion to target location. [Shift][s]
Practice Tool Revive Revive Instantly respawns you at your fountain, if your champion is dead. [Shift][v]
Practice Tool Kill Player Champion Kill Player Champion Instantly kills your champion. [Ctrl][Shift][v]
Practice Tool Toggle Towers Invincible Toggle Towers Invincible Toggle to make all turrets invincible. [Shift][h]
Practice Tool Toggle Tower Fire Toggle Tower Fire Toggle to prevent all turrets from attacking. [Shift][g]
Practice Tool Toggle Minion Spawn Toggle Minion Spawn Toggle to prevent any minions from spawning for either team. [Ctrl][Shift][i]
Practice Tool Fast Foward 30sec Fast Forward 30sec Fast-forwards the game 30 seconds. [Ctrl][Shift][o]
Practice Tool Fast Forward 10min Fast Forward 10min Fast-forwards the game 10 minutes. [Ctrl][Shift][l]

Command Details Shortcut
Practice Tool Spawn Enemy Dummy Spawn Enemy Dummy Spawns an enemy Target Dummy at chosen location. Max of 4. [Shift][b]
Practice Tool Spawn Allied Dummy Spawn Allied Dummy Spawns an allied Target Dummy at chosen location. Max of 4. [Shift][b]
Practice Tool Clear Target Dummies Clear Target Dummies Clears all Target Dummies [Shift][m]
Practice Tool Add 100 Max HP Add 100 Max HP Adds 100 maximum health to the Target Enemy. Auto-casts on targets you are attacking. [Ctrl][Shift][t]
Practice Tool Remove 100 Max HP Remove 100 Max HP Removes 100 maximum health to the Target Enemy. Auto-casts on targets you are attacking. [Ctrl][Shift][y]
Practice Tool Add 10 Resistances Add 10 Resistances Adds 10 armor and magic resistance to the Target Enemy. Auto-casts on targets you are attacking. [Ctrl][Shift][g]
Practice Tool Remove 10 Resistances Remove 10 Resistances Removes 10 armor and magic resistance to the Target Enemy. Auto-casts on targets you are attacking. [Ctrl][Shift][h]

Command Details Shortcut
Practice Tool Spawn Jungle Camps and Rift Herald Spawn Jungle Camps and Rift Herald Respawns all neutral monsters and Rift HeraldSquare Rift Herald. [Ctrl][Shift][j]
Practice Tool Spawn Jungle Camps and Baron Spawn Jungle Camps and Baron Respawns all neutral monsters and Baron NashorSquare Baron Nashor.
Practice Tool Spawn Jungle Plants Spawn Jungle Plants Toggle to respawn all jungle plants and make them regrow constantly. [Alt][Shift][j]
Practice Tool Spawn Cloud Drake Spawn Cloud Drake Respawns all neutral monsters, spawning a Cloud DrakeSquare Cloud Drake. [Shift][j]
Practice Tool Spawn Mountain Drake Spawn Mountain Drake Respawns all neutral monsters, spawning a Mountain DrakeSquare Mountain Drake. [Shift][k]
Practice Tool Spawn Infernal Drake Spawn Infernal Drake Respawns all neutral monsters, spawning an Infernal DrakeSquare Infernal Drake. [Shift][l]
Practice Tool Spawn Ocean Drake Spawn Ocean Drake Respawns all neutral monsters, spawning an Ocean DrakeSquare Ocean Drake. [Shift][;]
Practice Tool Spawn Elder Dragon Spawn Elder Dragon Respawns all neutral monsters, spawning an Elder DragonSquare Elder Dragon. [Shift][']
Practice Tool Reset Game Reset Game Restarts the game, maintaining champion choice. [Ctrl][Shift][p]
Practice Tool Win The Game Win The Game Destroys the enemy Nexus. [Ctrl][Shift][.]
Practice Tool Stack Tear Stack Tear Fully stacks (750/750) Tear of the Goddess item Tear items. [Shift][a]
Practice Tool Fully Stack Runes Fully Stack Runes Fully stacks Legend (Legend- Alacrity rune Legend- Bloodline rune Legend- Tenacity rune), Manaflow Band rune Manaflow Band, and Domination Vision (Eyeball Collection rune Ghost Poro rune Zombie Ward rune) and Hunter (Ingenious Hunter rune Ravenous Hunter rune Relentless Hunter rune Ultimate Hunter rune) runes.


Results in Practice Tool do not always reflect the same circumstances in other game modes. Notably, the dummy has special interactions with certain abilities.

  • Fiora OriginalSquare Fiora's Grand Challenge Grand Challenge - Reapplying over an ongoing challenge will incur a 1-second cooldown and inform Fiora that the ability cannot be stacked.
  • Kayn OriginalSquare Kayn's The Darkin Scythe Transformation - Using the Kill Player Champion button during the transformation will not grant Kayn his new abilities nor update the animations accordingly for which form he chose. He will however be given the champion model for Rhaast OriginalSquare Rhaast / Shadow Assassin OriginalSquare Shadow Assassin.
  • Kindred OriginalSquare Kindred's Mounting Dread Mounting Dread - Says it cannot be stacked.
  • Twitch OriginalSquare Twitch's Spray and Pray Spray and Pray - If the ability is cast again before the effect has ended, it will refresh the stat buff (bonus AD and bonus range) but Twitch will fire standard attacks instead of the bolts.
  • Mordekaiser OriginalSquare Mordekaiser's Realm of Death Realm of Death - Taking a dummy (without any bonus health) into the realm and dealing more damage than its maximum health (possible by Obliterate Obliterate with very high ability power) will kill it.
  • Urgot OriginalSquare Urgot's Fear Beyond Death Fear Beyond Death can also kill a dummy.
  • Vi OriginalSquare Vi's Assault and Battery Assault and Battery - Casting the ability on two different targets in quick succession will affect both of them at the same time if they are in a certain range of each other.
  • A killed dummy would respawn in its fountain.


  • A Practice Tool game will be tracked as a Custom Game in Match History.
  • The Training Dummy design is based on Teemo OriginalSquare Teemo. Red representing an enemy target dummy, while the blue an ally target dummy.
  • After using the practice tool for 59:14, a warning will appear stating that the practice tool will close in 1 minute. This makes the longest time that anyone can use the practice tool in one sitting 60 minutes and 14 seconds.
  • Dummies are summoned at level 1 and can gain experience like normal champions. They can also level up, but gain no benefits from it.
  • When you use the option 'Win the Game', a message appears over your character: "My only way to see the victory screen."
  • Demolish rune Demolish can damage turrets even if they are set to be invincible.


Patch History

  • Win the game Button added
  • Stack Tear Button added.
V7.3 - Added
  • Practice Tool mode released.
  • Dummy units released.


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