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Poros are the mysterious, magical, and most-loved creatures originating from the Freljord Crest icon Freljord.[1] They have since spread across all of Runeterra Crest icon Runeterra, being present on every known continent, in every region and nation.

They were first introduced in 2012 with the release of the official Howling Abyss icon Howling Abyss ARAM map. Ever since then, they have become 'mascots' of sorts, making regular and varied appearances particularly during the Snowdown Showdown seasonal event.


Fat Poro Icon Poros are the mysterious, magical, and much-loved creatures originating from the Howling Abyss. Poros are equal parts truth, valor, and innocence. The colour of their fur is described as “very light blue, like Freljordian snow” (Pantone P 121-3 U). They have a heart-shaped underbelly because they’re made of love. A poro’s horns perk up when it’s excited and droop down when it’s scared. Poros paddle through deep snow with their front paws. Some believe that poros are indestructible—though at one point we animated poros to keel over and twitch if they ran into the Abyss’ fountains. Poros stick their tongue out because they are incredibly warm. This is why they can survive the harsh cold environment of the Howling Abyss. Poro-Snax item Poro-Snax are frosted with Freljordian ice crystals and are a favourite treat of this creature. The leader of the Poros is known as the Poro KingSquare Poro King.

Due to recent heroic deeds, Braum OriginalSquare Braum is a friend to the poros. Vel'Koz OriginalSquare Vel'Koz claims that the intelligence of people drops in the presence of these creatures.

A group of poros is known as a fluft.[2]

For many weary inhabitants of the Freljord, their biggest desire is to retire to greener pastures and become a poro herder.

Additional Lore
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Freljord Crest icon


Trial of the Poro

With the Freljord's winter closing in and an almighty battle raging around him, one brave PoroSquare Poro bounds on in his eternal search for snacks.

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Music Video

It's Me and You

By Hozure, TJ Brown


  • Poro was designed by RiotOtown, RiotEarp, and RiotCaptainLx.
  • In Finnish, Poro means reindeer, from Proto-Uralic *počaw;[3]
    • The Uralic noun itself is borrowed from Indo-Iranian *paču[4] < PIE *pek- "livestock, wealth" (> Sanskrit पशु páśu, Latin pecus, & English fee).
  • There are other poro skin concepts that was not executed for Legend of the Poro King mode. Some that didn't make it include Bilgewater, Arcade, Patchwerk and Bittersweet.[5]
  • Playing as Braum OriginalSquare Braum, when feeding a Poros with a Poro-Snax item Poro-Snax, they will sprout mustaches (different colored depending on the Braum skin used at the time).
  • Previously, you could kill them by herding them into the spawn where it is treated as a 1 HP minion and basic attacking it, rewarding Gold 4.[6] Now they get fired on by the Nexus Obelisk and run away.[7]
  • Poros received two Visual Updates before Snowdown Showdown 2016 on 11/23[10] and 11/30[11].
  • Poros celebrate the Masquerade and Snowdown Showdown.
  • A group of Poros is called a fluft.[12]
  • Poros allegedly enjoy mocking and toying with the people that enter the bridge.[13]
  • Poros are tasty but ingesting them results in a poro bursting out of the body Alien-style, "Or so the story goes".[14]
  • Feeding Poros will make them grow up to 2.35 times their size, before reaching the Porosplosion.
  • During League of Legends 10th year Anniversary, Poros on ARAM wore party hats for the celebration.
  • Poro appears in Legends of Runeterra icon Legends of Runeterra as a type of cards and as a Guardian.


The following Summoner Icons will modify your Poro's appearance during selected events, such as Legend of the Poro King.

The Origins of Poros

Poro creature

A Poro

By Riot Preeti

"While wrapping up the Howling Abyss, the entire team was on the lookout for something to balance out the Abyss' cold, serious atmosphere. Unlike our other maps, the Howling Abyss had a very structural, linear cadence--it was literally a bridge without any fantasy elements, which didn't feel very League. To counter this, the whole team brainstormed about cute and fun things we could add that would remain true to League and not take away from the map's epicness. It was sort of tricky because whatever we added had to be noticeable without being too distracting--we didn't want players confusing our little critter for a minion or monster they should kill! We wanted to create something furry that looked like it could survive through harsh weather, so RiotEarp looked to mountain goats, reindeer, and polar bears for inspiration. He sketched the initial poro concept art based on a cuter version of all of those things and we ran with it! Howling Abyss is the coldest and harshest place in all of Runeterra, so you can think of poros as the manifestation of whatever warmth, happiness, and love that still exists.

After RiotOtown modeled and textured the very first poro, he and RiotCaptainLx decided to add a super huge tongue because the little guy reminded them of a puppy. Then, during the animation phase, RiotCaptainLx took it a step further and had the poro lick its whole face in one shot! With the tongue mechanic in place, he also animated the poro to run around panting with its tongue hanging out. We totally agreed that poros should pant just like that--they radiate with love, so they're extremely hot despite the Abyss' bone-chilling temperatures"!


These splashes and icons were made specifically to celebrate the 2015 and 2016 Masquerade events celebrated on the Latin American and Brazilian servers. The link to the Porofolia sites can be accessed from here and here.

These Icons were made specifically to celebrate the Masquerade event of 2015, an event celebrated on the Latin American and Brazilian servers. These Icons are available to download via this link.


Snowdown 2016 - Login Screen

Snowdown 2016 - Login Screen

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Poro Sticker emotes were released officially by Riot games for use in social media sites as well as templates for physical stickers.


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