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For the keyword, see Keyword Play.svg Play.
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The Play tab that can be viewed in the main menu of Legends of Runeterra icon.png Legends of Runeterra and functions as the main location from where the player can access game modes. In it there are currently 5 sub-tabs: VS PLAYER, VS AI, EXPEDITIONS, CHALLENGES (Tutorials), GAUNTLET, and LABS, which appears seperate to the rest, seperated by a gold, simplified version of the WIP logo.png WIP or PBE logo, and has a blue background rather than the usual brown.

Vs. Player

This category ('VS PLAYER' in-game) encompasses the main constructed modes with matchmaking, both of which follow standard deckbuilding rules.


A page is needed for this mode.

Casual is a matchmade constructed mode that has no extra game-mode specific conditions, is always available apart from in the case of maintenance and technical difficulties, and wins and losses have no consequence visible to the player.


Ranked is a matchmade constructed mode that has no extra game-mode specific conditions, is available during the Ranked Season, wins and losses will affect the player's rank, ranks are partially reset at the end of a season, and players can earn rewards for their achievements in a season.

Vs. AI

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A page is needed for this mode.

Vs. AI. ('VS AI' in-game) is a mode where the player is placed against an AI opponent that Keyword Random.png randomly selects from one of a few pre-made decks. There is no turn timer, and wins and losses have no consequence visible to the player.


A seperate page is needed for this, as AI aren't exclusive to this mode
  • The AI is known to make some clear mistakes in gameplay, for example:
    • It often does not properly utilise Keyword Support.svg Support effects, placing Keyword Attack.svg attacking units in the wrong order.


Expeditions is a matchmade non-constructed mode where a player builds decks by selecting from certain cards from archetypes, and try and win 7 games while not losing more than 2 consecutively.


Challenges is a non-constructed game mode that functions as a tutorial, where players can choose from a number of 'bonus challenges', each of which has the intention of teaching the player about a mechanic of the game, fundamental or more complex. These tend to break the flow of the game sometimes to speed up the game, slow it down, or teach something, and sometimes use special versions of normal cards.


Gauntlet is a matchmade constructed mode that is available for limited times, where a player tries to win a number of games without losing more than two consecutively to earn rewards. These use specific deck-building rules, that can change between times the mode is available.


A Lab is a mode that is available for a limited time, where games have specific sets of rules and aesthetics. Labs can offer a variety of different gameplay changes. They usually offer pre-made decks, but may also allow constructed decks. Similarly, Labs may be played against other players or against the AI.