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For its predecessor, see Ninja Tabi Ninja Tabi.
For the Wild Rift icon.png Wild Rift item, see Plated Steelcaps Plated Steelcaps.

Plated Steelcaps is a boots item in League of Legends icon.png League of Legends.


Plated Steelcaps item.png
Plated Steelcaps
1100 Gold 1100 (500 Gold 500)
Boots item.png
300 Gold 300

Cost Analysis

Gold Value

Gold Efficiency*

  • Plated Steelcaps' Plated Steelcaps' base stats are 85.45% gold efficient.

Similar items



Noxus Crest icon.png

Patch History

V10.23 - Added
  • Replaces Ninja Tabi Ninja Tabi.
  • Recipe: Boots Boots + Cloth Armor Cloth Armor + 500 Gold 500 = 1100 Gold 1100.
  • Stats: 45 movement speed, 20 armor.
  • Passive: Reduces incoming damage from all basic attacks by 12% (excluding turret shots).
  • Limited to 1 Boots item.


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