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Pixel PoroSquare Poro is a playable browser minigame for League of Legends developed by Riot Games. It can be played against an AI or with local two-player, and plays similarly to Pong. Each match is first to 10 points.


Braum OriginalSquare Braum's epic Unbreakable shield may look strong enough to stop an avalanche crashing down the side of one of Freljord's peaks, but that doesn't mean it can't be used for a much more whimsical past-time.

Pixel Poro, a new browser minigame (available on IOS and Android), finds the upcoming addition to the League of Legends champion roster battling Leona OriginalSquare Leona for Support icon support supremacy. Volley an adorable PoroSquare Poro back and forth between snowy cliffs, trying to knock him past your opponent to score points. You can either play by yourself or locally with a friend. First champion to score 10 points wins the match - and the poro’s undying love. We hope you enjoy Braum and Leona’s pixel makeovers. Keep that shield up!

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The player controls a pixellated Support icon support champion, attempting to knock the winged PoroSquare Poro past your opponent with your shield. By hitting the pink heart-shaped dragons, you receive a gemstone appearing every third point. By hitting three of the six possible, your next match will be played against pre-rework Taric ArmoroftheFifthAgeCircle Armor of the Fifth Age Taric with a pink background.[1]



  • This game is a reference and tribute to Pong.
  • A DragonSquare Dragon is featured in the background of the title screen.
  • The winged PoroSquare Poro is the same one that Pix, Faerie Companion Pix turns into in Lulu OriginalSquare Lulu's Lulu WinterWonderCircle Winter Wonder skin, which is notable for being the first teaser for Braum OriginalSquare Braum by having a mustached PoroSquare Poro in the background of its splash art.


Braum Pixel Poro Soundtrack

Braum Pixel Poro Soundtrack

Pixel Poro Music


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