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Not to be confused with the signal measured by latency.

Pings are player-relayed alerts that provide gameplay information to the entire team. These can be used to communicate with your team faster than taking the time to type and breaking your flow of gameplay. Many of these pings are transcribed in team chat.

Map Pings

Map pings are visual alerts placed on the map that inform the team of tactical information, each making a unique stereophonic sound. Pinging a selectable champion, monster, or structure will relay information depending on the ping.


Hold "ping hotkey" and press primary click.

Alert ping
Selected Element Information
Ground Alert
Enemy Champion/
Enemy Structure/
  • Structure: Plating amount/ % Health
Allied Structure Defend (w/ Plating amount or % Health)
Caution ping
Selected Element Information
Ground Caution
Enemy Champion/
  • Allied Structure: Plating amount/ % Health


Smart pings is a radial menu of specialized alerts, except for the "Area is warded" ping that requires a hotkey.

Hold "ping hotkey" and hold primary click. Drag the mouse to the desired section and release the click.

Purchase Pings

When you buy an item that has an active effect that benefits at least one other player, a purchase notification will be transcribed in team chat.

UI Pings

Various UI elements can be relayed to the team chat to display different information depending on team affinity.

Statistics of non-champions cannot be pinged.

Hold alt and press primary click (excluding scoreboard elements, which can just be clicked)

Selected Element Information
Health bar (Self) % amount of health
Mana bar (Self) % amount of mana
Experience bar/


  • Self: % amount of level experience
Statistic Statistic amount
Rune Rune
Player Portrait Respawn timer
Monster Icon Respawn timer
Ability icon/
Spell icon/
Ultimate indicator
  • Ally: Cooldown remaining/Activation details
  • Enemy: Ultimate/Spell
Item icon Item
  • Self: Cooldown, Charge
Gold Gold amount
Bounty Bounty amount
Ping Ping (Latency)
Vision Score Vision Score
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