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The Wardens are the law enforcement organization in Piltover Crest icon Piltover, funded by trade taxes and 'generous' contributions from the mercantile clans. Many of these donations take the form of unique hextech, such as specialized weaponry and other tools.


Champions of the Piltover Wardens

Other Related Champions

  • Camille OriginalSquare Camille and Ferros Clan Crest icon Ferros Clan have been using and funding the wardens.
  • Jhin OriginalSquare Jhin is a serial killer wanted by the wardens.
  • Jinx OriginalSquare Jinx is a criminal wanted by the wardens.
  • Urgot OriginalSquare Urgot is a criminal captured by the wardens.


Wardens Handbook

  • "All detectives respond, but a good detective anticipates, and an exemplary detective prevents."


Piltover Police Crest

Piltover Police Seal

There are several types of Wardens tasked to protect Piltover and it citizens:

  • Armaments: Elite Wardens designated in the Armaments Department are specially tasked in building and maintaining warden weapons and equipment. Chief Mechanist Zevi is one of its members.
  • Investigator: Wardens tasked to investigate and deduce what kind of a crime has been committed. They often collect information to solve crimes by talking to witnesses and informants, collecting physical evidence, or searching records in databases. This leads them to arrest criminals and enable them to be convicted in court.
  • Patrol: Wardens assigned to monitor specified areas in Piltover, to inspect their areas at regular intervals and watch for any signs of problems of any kind; these would be the wardens most commonly encountered by the public. Their duties include responding to calls for service, making arrests, resolving disputes, taking crime reports, conducting traffic enforcement, and other peace keeping measures. A patrol warden is often closest to potential crime and the first to arrive on the scene of any incident; what such a warden does or fails to do at the scene can greatly influence the outcome of any subsequent investigation. Warden Mir and Kepple are one of these patrol wardens.
  • Sheriff: Highest known position among the wardens, this is often an elected official who serves as the chief civil-law enforcement officer of their jurisdiction. The sheriff enforces court orders and mandates and may perform duties such as evictions, seizing property and assets pursuant to court orders, and serving warrants and legal papers.
  • SWAT: A special task group trained for the cities' most dangerous assignments, equipped with the most advanced arsenal of the Piltover Wardens.


Notable Wardens
Sheriff Caitlyn OriginalSquare Caitlyn Sheriff of the Piltover Wardens. Often paired with Enforcer Vi OriginalSquare Vi. Captured and secured Urgot OriginalSquare Urgot.
Officer J.S. Harknor Veteran Investigating Officer, Unit 6. Paired with Insightful Investigator. Secretly a Yordle in disguise.
Warden Mir Patrol Warden. Paired with Warden Kepple. She is known for having an amusing sprint among her peers.
Warden Kepple Patrol Warden. Paired with Warden Mir.
Enforcer Vi OriginalSquare Vi Warden Enforcer. Often paired with Sheriff Caitlyn OriginalSquare Caitlyn. Captured and secured Urgot OriginalSquare Urgot.
Chief Mechanist Zevi Chief Mechanist for the Warden's Armament Department.
Unnamed Officer Investigating Officer, Unit 6. Paired with Officer J.S. Harknor.


  • The Wardens' appearance and functions were inspired by the real life law enforcers of the British Crown during the Industrial revolution.
  • Mafia Poro profileicon Cops and Robbers and Pulsefire profileicon Pulsefire skin universe enforcers were heavily inspired by the Piltover Wardens.


Runeterra Adventure Piltover

Runeterra Adventure Piltover

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